Heartwarming / Ghostwriter

  • Gaby finally confesses to Ghostwriter that she stole money from her parent's cash register. He tells her that she's not bad, she just made a mistake. He then spells "Hug" and spins it around her (his way of hugging her).
  • Most of Rob and Victor's Odd Friendship, particularly when Victor lets his guard down and reads the rap he wrote to Rob.
  • Get the Message has a subtle one. Jamal asks Alex and Gaby's father if he can remember who ran in front of his truck (causing him to destroy Lenni's father's instruments in the process). He can't remember anything. Then Jamal says that if he can remember anything, even something small, it could help prove his innocence. Gaby points out that this shows that Jamal believes him too. He then remembers something. Mr. Fernandez probably thought that it wasn't worth it trying to remember because nobody was going to believe him anyway. When he saw that somebody believed in him who wasn't part of his family, he was encouraged to try to remember.