Heartwarming: Genesis

  • In Come Rain Or Shine (which is about the 2006-2007 reunion tour), Phil Collins and Tony Banks hug upon Phil's arrival at their rehearsal space. Phil asks, "Have you been waiting [for me] long?" and Tony replies, "Only fifteen years."
  • As for individual songs, "Follow You, Follow Me" (a love song about feeling safe when you're with the one you love) definitely qualifies.
    In your arms, I feel so safe and so secure
    And every day is such a perfect day to spend alone with you
  • The ending segment of "Supper's Ready", and the lead-in to it; after a foreboding section about the apocalypse, the music becomes much more subdued as Peter Gabriel sings a reprise of "Lover's Leap", followed by the instruments coming back in soon afterwards. The last part of the song sounds so triumphant, like a celebration, that it's hard not to feel at least somewhat happy listening to it.
    • Later on, in the closing moments of "Los Endos", the last track on A Trick of the Tail (the group's first album without Peter), Phil Collins sings "There's an angel standing in the sun, free to get back home" in a reference to the above-mentioned part of "Supper's Ready" as a tribute to Peter.