Heartwarming / Gargoyles

  • In the very first episode, when the gargoyles explain to Tom that they don't have names:
    Tom: But what do you call each other?
    Brooklyn: "Friend."
    • In the second episode when all the kingdom subjects are rounded up as prisoners, Tom assures his mother that "his friends, the gargoyles" will be coming to rescue them. Despite limited interaction with them, Tom still considers the gargoyles to be his friends.
  • When Goliath expresses anguish over having been "denied everything, even revenge", Princess Katherine, who'd been extremely prejudiced against the gargoyles and Goliath in particular for so long, looks saddened and wants to comfort him. Afterwards we see her turnaround on her feelings towards gargoyles, including being horrified at the Magus' spell on Goliath's clan and agreeing immediately to look after the remaining gargoyle eggs as though they were her own.
  • Goliath choosing to join his clan in the curse even though, at the time, the chances of the curse being broken look impossible.
    Goliath: Cast your spell... one last time.
  • Going all the way back to the premiere, the clan re-awaken in Manhattan:
    Goliath: We're awake...? WE'RE ALIVE! We're together again!
  • "Deadly Force", Elisa was shot and is in the hospital. Goliath comes to secretly visit her while she's unconscious. He takes her hand and tells her to keep fighting and not give up.
  • Near the end of "Reawakening" after Demona and Xanatos have filled the resurrected Coldstone with lies, blaming Goliath for the deaths of the entire clan. Coldstone had gone on a city-wide rampage and tries to kill his own brother. When the pair fall of the bridge their battling on into the water below, it seems like Goliath is finished. But as he looks into his rookery-brother's dimming eyes, Coldstone remembers a maxim that he was taught alongside Goliath.
    Hudson: A Gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air...
    • Needing no further convincing, Coldstone does the right thing and saves Goliath's life.
    • A minor note, Xanatos watches the clan quietly as they regroup and doesn't interfere. Almost as if he respects family enough to leave them all be in their moment of reconciliation.
    • After Goliath reaches his decision to protect all of Manhattan from this day forth:
      Elisa: Is there anything you need?
      Goliath: Yes. I need a detective.
  • Goliath and Elisa dancing in "Eye of the Beholder." It's just too sweet for words.
    Lexington: (as he Brooklyn and Broadway watch Goliath and Elisa with approval) They should have Halloween more often.
    • In "Eye of the Beholder" when it becomes apparent that Xanatos was really trying to save Fox and not simply retrieve the Eye of Odin.
  • When Goliath helps Elisa back to her feet and the pair hold hands and smile while Goliath is still (temporarily) human in "The Mirror".
    • Freshly turned into a Gargoyle, Elisa admits she'll never get used to jumping off rooftops.
      Goliath: I'll always be there to catch you.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from The Price. All of the clan, except Goliath, end up stranded on a roof at the mercy of Macbeth (or so they think), who is on a hovercycle and has a laser gun. There is no way they can escape without getting shot. Hudson jumps in front of the trio and flares out his wings, blocking them from view and making himself a bigger target, fully willing to die if it means the rest of his clan has a chance of survival.
  • The end of the episode "The Cage": Elisa takes Derek to see their parents, whose shock at his mutated state lasts about a few seconds before they rush over and tearfully embrace him. Following up from the massive Downer Ending of "Metamorphosis", it's VERY pleasing to watch.
    • And Goliath is outside the window, watching this with a contented smile on his face. Consider that even though his own family was destroyed (all of his rookery brothers and sisters are dead), he's pleased that Elisa's was able to come back together damaged but still whole, and for now that's enough.
    • It's ambiguous if Sevarius really created a cure or simply developed a poison, but Maggie doesn't care either way.
      Maggie: Any risk is better than living as a monster!
      Derek: I'm a monster.
      Maggie: But you're strong, stronger than me. I can't live this way.
      Derek: I couldn't either, not without you. Maggie, we're not strong alone; we're strong together.
    • Derek is deeply apologetic about misjudging Goliath. Goliath doesn't begrudge him in the slightest and offers all of the Mutates an invitation to join his clan.
  • A lot of pieces in a series this long, but of particular note:
    Princess Katherine: He'll hunt us to the ends of the earth!
    Magus: *gentle/sincere smile* Then I'll take you beyond them. (and he does)
  • Goliath reconciling with the Magus on Avalon:
    Magus: I cursed your clan.
    Goliath: You saved our children.
  • The ending of Bronx spotlight episode "The Hound of Ulster".
    Bronx: (looking as proud as ever)
    Elisa: (with a smile) Don't look so smug Bronx.
    Goliath: Bronx has a right to feel proud of himself. It's not everyday a land gets one of it's old heroes back, and a land with a hero soon finds other deeds for him to do.
  • The end of "Mark Of The Panther" also.
    Goliath: Your quick thinking helped us defeat Anansi. I am proud of you, my daughter.
    Angela: Oh, father! (hugs Goliath right before they turn to stone)
    • Particularly heartwarming because up to that point, Goliath had been unwilling to claim Angela as his daughter, as gargoyle tradition was that children were always to be treated as the children of the entire clan, not claimed by their actual parents, a point of view that Angela, raised by humans, could not understand and made her feel rejected. She was overjoyed that Goliath was finally giving her the recognition she had craved.
  • Leo, Una, and Griff's reunion at the end of "M.I.A.".
  • By the end of "Walkabout" not only has Dingo reformed (for real this time) it's he who manages to talk down the newly sentient Matrix. Afterwards the Matrix decides to join forces with the reformed criminal as a superhero team themselves. Proving that sometimes, A. I. Isn't a Crapshoot.
  • After seeing so many fall under the sway of the Eye of Odin, even Goliath is not immune to it's influence. But by the end of "Eye of the Storm" he is the only one able to successfully remove it himself. The only thing he needed to motivate him was for Angela to be in danger.
  • Goliath telling his clan that they are not the last of kind as there are other gargoyles around the world.
  • After seeing Xanatos and Fox do so many selfish and downright evil things in the past, it's nice to see their more human side emerge in "The Gathering" two-parter.
    • In part one Xanatos probably does the most heroic (and idiotic) things he's ever done when he tries to drop kick Oberon in an attempt to protect his son.
  • Xanatos and his father in "The Gathering: Part Two." "We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I've never been more proud to be your father."
    • Xanatos' was similarly sweet, if to the point: "Thanks, Pop."
  • The Manhattan Clan's reunion in "The Gathering, Part 1."
    Lexington: I can't believe you're finally home!
    Brooklyn: Welcome back!
    • Also, Hudson after being told there are other Gargoyle clans out there in the world:
      "We're not the last. We're not alone."
  • The conclusion to "Hunter's Moon":
    Elisa: You know how I feel about you, right?
    Goliath: How we both feel... Yes.
    Elisa: Good. (leaps up to him and gives him a kiss)
    • Also from "Hunter's Moon".
    Goliath: I thought I told the clan to stay behind.
    Broadway: The clan did stay behind. But Elisa needed a lift.
    • In a strange way the fact that the MOMENT Jason Canmore saw Ellie was going to be in trouble due to the rocket about to hit the clock tower and went in to save her was strangely heroic and a decent reminder that though The Hunters hate Gargoyles they do try and keep it between them and only them while avoiding casualties. A shame that this didn't carry over when Jon decided to change that when he created the Quarrymen in the comics.
  • Strangely, Xanatos and Fox's relationship counts as this for this troper.
    Xanatos: I think we love each other - insofar as two people like ourselves are capable of that emotion.
    • And he was right.
  • Baby Alex playing on the floor with Bronx and gleefully calling him "Doggie!" while Lex and Fox awkwardly make up because they have something in common: they both care about Alex.
  • Rather subtle, but learning that Xanatos chose Owen over one wish from Puck speaks a lot about the relationship of these two.
  • The ending speech in A Lighthouse In The Sea Of Time is heartwarming for anyone who loves books. In fact, the whole episode is. If you aren't that big a book lover, Robbins having an epiphany and being able to write again counts too.
  • Jon Canmore sparing the lives of the Clan after seeing them during the aftermath of the destruction of the clocktower. to bad it doesn't last...
  • Whether you consider the third season canon or not, Goliath's final narration was by far the best.
    Goliath: One thousand years ago, we lived in a world that understood our purpose. It was the age of Gargoyles. Ten centuries later, we awoke to a world bent on our destruction. Somehow, we never lost hope, and today, we have come full circle. A new age has begun, and we live again.
    • Xanatos' total one-eighty in personality. His bribing several construction workers employed by Castaway to modify a trap designed to kill the clan, and suggesting to Goliath that they make a clean start elsewhere is not only heartwarming. It's still totally in character for him. Even after a Heel–Face Turn, he hasn't lost the edge.
    • Another moment of heartwarming from the Goliath Chronicles is Robbins revealing that he knew Hudson was a gargoyle and didn't care. Helps that Greg Weisman confirmed that he always thought this was how it should turn out.
      • There is something in that episode that is really sweet. Throughout the Goliath Chronicles (and part of the comics as well), the Quarrymen are very much active and many New Yorkers are supportive of their desire to hunt the gargoyles down, but in this episode, we see a group of people decide to form their own little organization who are the complete opposite of the Quarrymen, namely that they are not scared of the gargoyles, instead they believe that humans and gargoyles could coexist peacefully. After the Quarrymen thrash their meeting and send a few of the people to the hospital, it's very heart warming to see how happy the founders of the group are when Angela drops by their hospital room to meet them and thank them for their support and kindness.
    • Whether you consider it canon or not, "Ransom" is a beautiful show case of how much Lex cares for Alex. Not only does he turn himself in to the Corrupt Politician who is orchestrating the whole thing but when the rest of the Clan shows up to try to rescue him, he outright demands they rescue Alex first because he doesn't want the kid hurt. And the Diving Save he makes and how most of the audience reacts? All just icing.
  • The Episode "A Bronx Tale" gave the often neglected Gargoyle-hound a chance to shine. He and that little Amish child were just so adorable.
  • Lexington's (facial) reaction to finding out that Amp is single. He's so happy....
  • Anytime that Demona goes Mama Bear on anyone who tries to hurts Angela. Those are the moments that reminds the viewers and the Clan that Demona is still capable of love.
  • From Issue 5 of the comics, "Bash," after Goliath has been stabbed at Xanatos' Halloween party, and he and Elisa have agreed to try and "see other people" during the previous two issues:
    Goliath: You cannot...stop me...I will...say it...this once...I love you...
    Elisa: I love you too. (They kiss)
  • In the timeline outlined by Word of God, gargoyles are no longer hunted down in the future, but merely tolerated. After the end of the Space Spawn invasion, true acceptance will finally come. Cities across the world will bid to host future clans.
  • Any moment that David and Fox have with their son, Alexander.
    • David was there helping Fox give birth to their son and then brings his son down to introduce him to his grandparents.
    • David and Fox going into full Papa Wolf and Mama Bear modes, respectively, when Oberon threatens to take their son away from them.
    • David plays with Alex in his office while talking to Detective Bluestone. When the said detective makes a comment on how David should make sure he's not doing anything illegal, David just asks Alex if he can say "harassment". Alex responds with giggles and David proudly states "I knew that you could" while cuddling him.
  • It may be non-canon, but Angela and Demona's mother-daughter bonding in "Generations" is nothing but an episode of sweetness. Too bad it didn't last.
  • Hudson and Lexington's trip to England where they met the London clan. After a very long time, it must have been great to be part of a whole clan, even though they were just guests. Their stay lasted for two months and they even got to spend the Holidays there.
  • Martin Hacker mention that Matt consider Elisa the best partner he ever had. And that's before Matt learn that the Gargoyles are real.


  • In June of 2013, Season 2 Part 2 was finally made available on DVD to Disney Movie Club members, with a general public release in August the same year. For all us avid collectors, finally having our dear friends completely together has been a long time coming.
  • Out of canon, this one is from Greg Weisman. After a recording session, the crew went to ask Nichelle Nichols' autograph. She in turn ask for their autographs, having been impressed by the quality of writing and production values of the show. This double as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.