Heartwarming / Gamble Fish

  • Despite Tomu willing to risk anything to himself (such as cutting off his finger or puncturing his own ears), he refuses to gamble with other people's lives for his own gain.
  • Tomu fulfilling his promise to Asahina that he will find out who's responsible for bankrupting her family's business.
    • Bonus points for Mika comforting Asahina that the culprit is finally arrested during the tournament. It goes to show that their friendship is more meaningful than their status and wealth.
  • On chapter 120, the elder Gatou sister Maria offers to sacrifice the rest of her life to the divine entity that granted the Gatou Sisters great luck. Instead, Linda the younger sister also offers her own life so that the sisters can be together forever, even in death.
  • Ch 122 - the end of the match between the Gatou sisters and Jasmine Night - The Gatou sisters are starting to shrivel away, whether from the curse of the divine entity or placebo effect gone very wrong. Jasmine, who wasn't exactly polite to either of them throughout the match, immediately yells at the Headmaster to get the sisters to a hospital.