Heartwarming / Formula One

  • At the 2011 Japanese Grand Prix local hero Kamui Kobayashi personally arranged for the Fukushima girls choir to come to the race and sing the national anthem.
  • Any time a driver stops to go and help another driver who has crashed.
  • The day he died, Ayrton Senna was found to have an Austrian flag in his car's cockpit that he intended to raise in honour of Roland Ratzenberger, who had been killed in an accident the previous day. Tragically he never got the chance to. Fortunately, over in the NASCAR world, Dale Earnhardt paid tribute to Senna after winning that day's Winston Select 500 at Talladega.
  • Similarly, Max Mosely (chairman of the FIA) once said the reason he went to Ratzenberger's funeral rather than Senna's was "'Roland had been forgotten. So I went to his funeral because everyone went to Senna's. I thought it was important that somebody went to his." Regardless of what you think of the man, those are powerful words.
  • The 2012 Spanish Grand Prix, won by Pastor Maldonado, was the first victory since 2004 for the Williams team. Unfortunately, while the team was celebrating after the race, there was an explosion in their pit garage, followed by a fire. Fortunately no-one was seriously hurt, but the response from the other teams following the fire was truly overwhelming. Personnel from Caterham, Force India, Toro Rosso and Marussia helped to put out the fire and clear away people who were hurt. Not only that, but McLaren have offered to lend Williams any equipment they require to replace that which was lost in the fire. And to cap it off: Maldonado, the race winner, carrying his young cousin away from the blaze. Awesome.
  • Jean Alesi winning his only Grand Prix. It happened on his birthday, at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The car he drove; The number 27 Ferrari. Michael Schumacher, who had lost the race due to a late pit stop, gave him a lift back to the pits after he won. It remains one of the most popular races in F1 history.
  • Murray Walker's commentary of Damon Hill's final lap in Japan 1996, which sealed him the world championship. Where for once, he is rendered speechless.
  • Following the 2000 Italian Grand Prix in the press conference, Michael Schumacher breaks down when told he equalled Senna's number of victories. Seeing his own brother and Hakkinen, one of his closest friends reaching out to comfort him and answering questions is a very touching moment.
  • The way the Formula One community all turned out after Jules Bianchi's accident during the 2014 Suzuka Grand Prix that left him badly injured was very touching. Of note was at the Sochi Autodrome the following week, where all of the drivers gathered at the front of the grid for a minute's silence, with Jules, We Are All Supporting You painted in front of the starting line and the Marussia team, who despite only running one car, had Jules' car set up and race-ready even though there was no chance of anyone driving it.