Heartwarming / Flight 29 Down

  • In Scratch (Season 1, Episode 13) one of the most heartfelt scenes takes place between Melissa and Jackson:
    Melissa: Listen to me! Whatever happened back home doesn't matter!
    Jackson: Yes it does. *tearful* Don't you see? Whether I like it or not; it follows me...
    Melissa: ....
    Jackson: You wanna know what happened? I walk home, to my own neighborhood, to tell them about this...this amazing adventure to the South Seas I was going on. And yeah, yeah I was braggin'. Y'know, I just wanted them to know that I was doing something worthwhile for a change.
    Melissa: What's wrong with that?
    Jackson: They said that I changed. That I was throwing in their faces that suddenly I was better then them. I thought I was talking to people who actually cared...
    Melissa: So what happened?
    Jackson: One guy stood up to me. One guy. He got shoved, and a fight broke out. I tried to break it up but someone pulled a knife and....
    Melissa: [stunned]
    Jackson: ...he got hurt. Perfect, huh?
    Melissa: Was he okay?
    Jackson: Yeah. But now the cops are after me.
    Melissa: But if it wasn't your fault-!
    Jackson: It doesn't matter. I was there. I wasn't supposed to be...and someone got hurt. Strike three. *chokes up* Where am I supposed to go now?!
    [Melissa hugs Jackson]
    Melissa: You're already there. Without you we'd be lost.