Heartwarming / Flame of Recca

  • Recca unlocking Madoka by saving Neon, despite admitting that she was an annoying bitch. Neon understandably was baffled at the show of pity, but then Recca just said that there will be some people missing her genuinely if she died. Cue Miki and Aki hugging her tearfully, and forcing even a bitch like Neon (for that time, anyway) to tell them to stop crying while being tearful herself.
  • In the SODOM Arc, Kurei appears and kills Kadotsu. He then proceeds to try and grill Saicho, who had come to help Recca, to death, but is stopped by Joker. As they leave, Joker grins at Saicho, who understands that it's for nearly killing him back during the Ura Butou Satsujin.
  • When Aoi's madogu breaks, the Hokage call out to Yanagi, telling her how precious she is to them, and to come back to their senses. It works, but quickly turns into a Hope Spot as Tendou Jigoku reveals that they were too late, and Yanagi dies. Crowning Moment of Heartbreaking, anybody?
  • At the end of Tendou Jigoku arc, Recca finally gets to call Kurei "brother" and they part way on peaceful terms just before Kurei returns to the past forever.
  • The losses of the Hokage during the Ura Butou Satsujin arc is filled with these:
    • Tokiya technically lost against Kai, but he's just that near in spiraling down the Despair Event Horizon once Kai told him about his sister's murderer and Driven to Suicide. He's not even in the mood to snark at Fuuko and Domon like usual. Then Yanagi came up and healed his wounds and gave him quite a grateful talk about how he survived. This healed his soul and enabled Tokiya to smile again... and either snark or get into a comical fight with Domon once again.
    • After losing against Mikoto via cheat, Fuuko completely went bonkers and emotionlessly beat on Mikoto like a true savage. After Domon stopped the beatdown, Fuuko broke down crying, stating that she couldn't fulfill the promise she made to a son of one of the fighters that Mikoto killed in the past about beating her in his father's revenge. Said boy stood up regardless, said that he's grateful for Fuuko giving her all and considers her the true winner, followed by the whole audience cheering for Fuuko, finally restoring her spunk and allowing her to smile again. The boy's little brother even wakes up just in time and remarks that Fuuko seriously looked like an angel that time.
  • The result of the battle between both Tokiya and Meguri Kyouza. Meguri told him to kill him so he can atone for the sins of letting Mifuyuu die. Tokiya, already knowing the futility of vengeance and wanting to stop the Cycle of Hurting, told him that he's way past petty vengeance and refuses to do so. And after explaining the reasons, Meguri is instead satisfied with the path that Tokiya chose and he chose his own path to pass away in peace. And by then, you would notice that Mori usually hires irredeemably evil bastards for his Mooks, but in case of Meguri's caretaker, sure at first he told Tokiya that he's burying Meguri not out of Tokiya's request... but then, his voice mellowed down, and begrudgingly admits that in his deathbed, Meguri spoke a lot of good things about Tokiya...