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Heartwarming: 5 Second Films
  • The gang held two steam-a-thons to raise money for their feature-length adaptation of "Dude Bro Party Massacre 3." The second one was more of an informal get-together at the 5SF house the night the Kickstarter campaign ran out. As the clock was winding down, Brian Firenzi sat each member of the team down in front of the camera and praised him or her up and down, saying that without each one, "Dude Bro" would not be able to be made. At the very end, he looked directly into the camera and addressed Maria del Carmen, his girlfriend who was in London at the time. In no uncertain terms, Brian professed his love for her in an eloquent, emotional, off-the cuff speech.
    • When time ran out, the team had received 120% of the funds they had requested. The rest of the group stood up and cheered, but Brian stayed seated, inadvertently assuring that his was the only face visible onscreen. With watery eyes and a trembling lip, he turned to the viewers, unable to speak.
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