Heartwarming / FernGully: The Last Rainforest

  • All of "A Dream Worth Keeping".
  • The scene where Batty tries to convince Crysta not to go to Mount Warning. He literally met her less than 5 minutes ago, and he’s already super protective towards her. Then there’s the cute little moment where Crysta kisses him on the nose in an attempt to assure him that she’s gonna be fine.
  • After Zak reveals the truth to the fairies about why humans are in the forest, which in turn causes the fairies to turn on him, Batty, who keep in mind hates humans, approaches Zak and comforts him with reassuring words.
    Batty: You know, Zak, truth doesn't always win friends, but it certainly influences people. You're not half bad for a hominid.
  • Crysta and Zak making amends with a big hug (pictured) after Hexxus is defeated. Even though Zak announces that he has to leave, knowing that he played a part in destroying the forest, and wishes he could stay, Crysta reassures him that there will always be a part of him that will remain in FernGully and encourages him to remember all that he learned.
  • When Zak leaves, he says to his co-workers, who did to some extent witness Hexuss going One-Winged Angel, the fairies destroying him, and Zak's return to height, "Things have got to change." It looks like the three of them could become enviromental activists.