Heartwarming: Fearless

Heartwarming moments for the film Fearless
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: At the very end, when Tanaka realizes that Yuanjia has been poisoned, he immediately stops fighting, declares Yuanjia the victor, and leads the crowd in cheering his name. Yuanjia dies a moment later, surrounded by the crowd while they shout his name as a victory cry. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Even MORE heartwarming than indicated. Realizing that Huo is not fit to fight, Tanaka tries (once again) to talk Huo out of fighting (earlier, it was due to Huo having to fight FOUR MASTERS in one night, which struck Tanaka as unfair). Huo finds an opening, even in his weakened state, and strikes with the same attack that he used to kill Qin. The One Hit Kill move, that would easily win the match at the cost of Tanaka's life. In a moment similar to his father's loss at the beginning of the movie, Huo pulls back from completing the strike then collapses. But whereas his father's opponent had ignored this near-death experience and knocked Huo's dad out of the ring, Tanaka realizes what happened and honorably admits his defeat.
  • The end of Huo Yuanjia's match against Hercules O'Brien. This raging 'roid-monster, who has up until then acted like a troll on a rampage and mocked everything Chinese stands up, bows respectfully in the Chinese style, acknowledges Huo Yuanjia's victory and leads the cheering crowd.
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