Heartwarming / Fate:Zero Sense

  • Archer successfully saving Rin and her friend from Uryuu.
  • Pretty much any interaction between Waver and Rider is either this of a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Berserker initially has a bad relationship with Kariya, but gradually warms up on him (though he clearly won't admit it). This reaches the point where, after defeating Caster, he gives up a chance to fight Archer so he can pull an ill Kariya to safety.
  • Maiya has taken care of Shirou for years after Kiritsugu's death, and a flashback reveals that she's grown to love him like a son. As she falls to her death her last thoughts are not of Kiritsugu, but of Shirou, hoping that he'll survive the war.
    • Luckily, she survived and spent several chapters in a coma before recently awakening, right after Illya died and stating that she had felt guilty that she never told Illya the truth and asked for her forgiveness.