Heartwarming / Fate of the Jedi

  • In Allies, Wynn Dorvan makes a habit of eating lunch with Raynar Thul on the steps on the Jedi Temple. During the Mandalorian siege on the Temple, Dorvan realizes Thul will still come out due to his eccentricity and he does everything in his power to save him, from lying about having authorization from Daala to risking his life and literally running onto the steps of the Temple to keep the Mandalorians from firing.
  • In Outcast, the large amount of people who showed up at the Jedi Temple as Luke was exiled, showing that despite the rising anti-Jedi sentiment, there will always be people who appreciate one of the greatest heroes in the Galaxy.
  • When Wynn Dorvan finally is elected as Chief of State. Finally, a leader the Galactic Alliance can be proud of...
  • Luke and Ben meeting the spirits of Anakin Solo, Mara, and Jacen at the Lake of Apparitions in Abyss.
    • They also pass on a message to Tahiri that Anakin loves her, and she breaks down crying.
  • After Luke and Ben defeat the Hidden One, the rest of the buried Baran Do join them and admit they've made a mistake.
  • Vestara's Heel–Face Turn is a lovely example of The Power of Love, and her slowly thawing relations with both Skywalkers is very sweet. While it lasts.
  • The professionalism of Perre Needmo's News Hour is a refreshing contrast to many news stations both in and out of universe, though we'll leave it at that.