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Heartwarming: Exalted
  • One from the backstory: second edition sourcebook Manual of Exalted Power: The Alchemicals states that in the ancient times before the Primordial War, the weakest Primordial, Autochthon The Great Maker, encountered humans after the king of the Primordials, the Empyreal Chaos, tore down his workship for not being exactly as respectful as he wished, and the other Primordials mocked him for his weakness and endemic sickness.. He wandered Creation and eventually found the first humans he'd ever encountered (humans being a recent invention by the other Primordials) and grew enamoured of them. In time, when he saw they managed to create functioning socieites in spite of their weaknesses and that they used his three favorite inventions (Faith, Dogma and Tools), he came to love them even as they started worshipping him. And all this, BEFORE he was physically capable of real empathy, which he later rectified by basically performing brain surgery on himself so he could understand humans and his own creations the Mountain Folk better, and so became capable of empathy and love...all over beings so functionally weak and tiny they were amoebas compared to him.
  • A meta example: the campaign run to help pay John Morke's medical bills.
    • This deserves special coverage. John's coworkers came to the forums asking for help getting him the cash he needed. The fanbase scraped together enough money to cover his bills several times over within the day and donations are still rolling in months later.
  • Another meta example. Shards of the Exalted Dream opens with the following:
A Message From Charles Spaulding:

Recently, a lot has changed in my life, and I was given the opportunity to put my own touch on Exalted. In this, I could be content, if I had not met Carey. No day goes by that I do not think of this game, yet no hour, minute, or second goes by that I do not love her. I am not as great an author as my fellows, but these are some words I am proud to have all to myself:

Carey, will you marry me?

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