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Heartwarming: Eurreach
Given the "Storybook" approach to things that Ren is going for in Eurreach. You can expect there to be some highly romantic moments.

  • Roran fighting for Selene. He was originally chased out of Icecrest by Yeth Hounds, and as such was not available to testify on the day of Selene's trail. But he did make it back just in time to stop her execution and let her escape. After that, he spent weeks tracking down the (Flying) Yeth Hounds into the mountains surrounding town, alone, and unguided, with only the thought of proving Selene's innocence stopping him from collapsing and giving up. He eventually tracked them down to a temple of Lamashtu, high in the mountains. Knowing that his word simply wouldn't be enough still at this point, he snuck into the temple, defiled and broke the statue of Lamashtu therein, and led the angry cultists on a merry chase all the way back to Icecrest, where they were summarily dealt with by the guard and the party, conveniently right as Dysis rode into town. All of this he did alone, tantamount to "suicidally" in Garoh society, just for Selene. Wow.
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