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Heartwarming: Equestrylvania
The emotional rollercoaster's highest points.

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  • During the attack on Ponyville, Pinkie Pie rescues a mare from a rape about to take place, then comforts the would-be rapist after he comes to his senses and realizes what he was about to do.
  • Pinkie Pie gives us another one when she introduces Lyra to Aeon.
  • During the epilogue to Book One, Fluttershy finds her remaining animal critters back in her house, safe and sound. And she couldn't be happier.
  • Also during the epilogue, Rarity has a sincerely sisterly moment with Sweetie Belle after Sweetie wakes up from her near-death experience.
  • Spitfire and Shatterstorm's relationship. It's just nice to see Shatterstorm get along so well with a mare.
  • The quiet moment after Rainbow Dash and Shatterstorm finally escape the Royal Guard base. They hole up in a general store and just talk as if they've been best friends forever. It really shows how far they've come since their initial meeting.
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