!! The Series
* Near the end of Season 8 Vince, Turtle, and Drama go to Sloan and convince her to give E another chance because they can see how miserable their friend is without her.
* Drama finding out that, despite the harsh reviews by critics, the first episode of ''Five Towns'' was a hit with audiences.
!! The Film
* When Drama [[spoiler: wins the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.]]
-->'''Drama:''' VICTORY!!!
* Vince's unflinching refusal to [[spoiler: allow Drama to be cut from "Hyde."]] It really displays the loyalty the four have had for each other since the beginning.
* Ari has a surprising number of them in the film, from his earnest attempts at anger management for the sake of his marriage, to the way he fights for Vince and his movie [[spoiler: to the point of losing his job]] and capped off by not only hosting [[spoiler: Lloyd's wedding]] at his house, but [[spoiler: standing in for Lloyd's father and giving him away.]]
* Turtle wanting so bad to make things up to Ronda that he, a novice fighter at best, climbs into the cage with her to prove it, nearly getting his arm broken in the process.