Heartwarming / Emergency!

  • Near the end of Season 2 Episode 1, "Problem", Roy saves a boy AND his dog from a burning house, and resuscitates them both!
  • Chet Kelly worrying himself sick about a seriously injured Johnny in "Snakebite" and "The Nuisance". It drives home the "best buds" part of Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • In one episode, Chet, the firehouse prankster, stops Johnny from falling for one of his pranks after a small child in his care died.
    Chet: The Phantom doesn't strike at times like this. He knows how hard you tried to save that boy.
  • In "Pressure 165," a TV chef has a kitchen fire that Gage and DeSoto put out quickly. The chef pleads with them not to make a report about it, which they have to decline. However, since the chef is better known by his stage name, the firefighters are able to give him a break by putting his actual name on the report instead.