Heartwarming / El T Igre

  • In general, the show really does it's best to highlight the importance of loving and respecting one's family, not to mention life lessons can also be seen at times under all the craziness.
  • "Stinking Badges" is a episode-long heart-warmer between Frida and her father Emiliano, Miracle City's police chief. You can see that despite Frida's love for wanton mayhem, villainy and overall reckless behavior, she has nothing but love and admiration for Police Chief Suarez. She plays a tribute song at his celebratory dinner, and goes so far as to join the Junior Police Cadets when she feels like she embarrassed him at the dinner with her punk rock antics and fears that she and her father have nothing in common. She seemingly gives up after failing the cadet trials and getting a pity job from her father by being put in "Staple Squad", but then goes with Manny's idea to take credit for his super-villain captures. It all seems to work...except for one of the few times in the show Frida is truly regretful of her actions because it goes against her father's police code of honesty. It comes back to bite her in the worst way when her sisters oust her to their father during an attempt to stop the Mustache Mafia. When he wordlessly asks for her badge, she looks downright heartbroken as she hands it over and he walks away. When Manny confronts the chief and explains that she did it so he would like her more...
    Chief Suarez: WHAT?! How could I like her more? I love my Frida! She is...(tearfully) my Frida.
    • Then, after the Mustache Mafia attacks Frida and Chief Suarez deals a metric-ton of Papa Wolf whoop-ass to them, he hugs his little girl close, telling her...
    Chief Suarez: You don't have to do anything to make me love you...you're perfect just the way you are.
    Frida: (softly) Thanks, Papa.
    • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you remember that Emiliano grew up much like Frida, with a love for partying, punk rock and blue hair, so they have much more in common than Frida realizes.
  • The Dia de los Muertos episode revealing all the previous generations of Rivera Men. Even though they alternated good and evil each generation, there is still love there along with pride. It allows them to overcome their differences when the chips are down.
    • There's a scene between Puma Loco and his Father, who was a hero, Justice Jaguar. Now Jaguar, as many fans speculate, never forgave his son for turning to the side of evil. After Manny, Frida, and all the other passed Rivera men escape from the Underworld, it's a moment that's so simple but sweet.
      *both are glaring at each other*
      Jaguar: ....*spitefully* Son.
      Puma: ....*bitterly* Father.
      Jaguar: *tearfully* Son!
      Puma: *crying* Father!
      *they both embrace and cry*
    • El Tigre I calling out to Manny that he believes in him and reassures Manny that he's a true Rivera, giving Manny the strength to fully summon the Ancient Tiger Spirit. There's also Manny's willingness to go through with the Blitz knowing full well he could have died from it.
    • Then there was Manny calling out the Rivera heroes and villains when they began arguing, saying that while he needs to learn to respect them they also need to respect one another.
    • Manny finally understanding and accepting the importance of Dia De Los Muertos, not to mention this is an episode dedicated to highlighting it's overall meaning.
  • For her birthday, Manny makes Frida a belt buckle with a 'F' on it. When he trashes her party later, he see's that she's still wearing it. She tells him that her best friend made it for her. Manny realizes what a jerk he's been and comes to his senses.
    • Manny apologizes for wrecking her party, but she tells him it was epic and that in the end he was there for her like he always is. They look at each other then get awkward and Manny asks if they should hug, but Frida says its gross.
  • The reason Manny breaks off his friendship with Frida in "Adios Amigos" is because he wants to keep her safe. Throughout the episode, it shows that they truly miss one another and both are totally depressed about being apart. In the end, Frida ends up being the one protecting Manny and they run off to the carnival together.
    • Manny was willing to die to keep her safe:
      Manny: (strained) Do what you want to me, just let Frida go!
      • Word of God once said that when they are old, Manny will die saving Frida. It's sad and cute at the same time.
  • When Puma Loco learns that Manny and Frida stole his mech suit, and his son and his ex wife plotted against him in secret, he gives them all a big hug, happy that he got to see them all doing evil at once.
  • After Casa de Mariachi is destroyed in "Miracle City Worker", Maria tells Manny that they will probably have to stay at a smaller place for a while without all the luxuries. Manny says it only matters that she'll be there and gives her a hug.
  • In "The Return of Plata Peligrosa" sees Rodolfo's hopeless romance for Maria reach new heights when she dons the "Plata Peligrosa" identity again. Manny and Frida instigating a crime wave puts Pantera and Peligrosa together more often, pushing Rodolfo to the point where he has enough nerve to ask Maria/Peligrosa out. Manny realizes this will only end badly for his erstwhile parents and hides the watch that alerts Maria to take off her glove before going power mad, causing her to go berserk in front of Rodolfo so he'll have to change his mind. Only, when Maria crazily proposes they team up indefinitely and beat up bad guys forever, Rodolfo seems all too willing to accept...only to trick Peligrosa and kick the glove off. When a weary Maria apologizes for the things she promised under the glove's influence, Rodolfo, despite that his only real chance at getting back with Maria in the series went up in smoke, understands wholeheartedly.
    • The line Rodolfo/Pantera utters in shock as he sees Maria/Peligrosa go berserk cements their being Not So Different, as Rodolfo would rather be in love with the gentle, peace-loving Maria than go justice-seeking alongside Plata Peligrosa, much like Maria admitted in the flashback of "Mother of All Tigres" that she married Rodolfo, not White Pantera:
      Rodolfo/White Pantera: I have never seen such grotesque grotesquery! That's not like my Maria! It's not love!
  • Why were Little Mule and Señor Chapi so desperate to get their squeaky toy back in "Animales"? Because they have a picture inside of them with the Rivera family.
    Señor Chapi: Viva familia.
  • Frida's about to become a zombie forever, So Manny tempts the head zombie on her into biting his head instead. It works and Frida is back to normal and now Manny is the one in danger of being a zombie permanently. He gets better though.
  • After injuring Giant Robot Sanchez and taking control of him for a bit, Manny and Frida decide to do fun things with his kids and pretend that they're him. After doing stuff like saving them from falling off a glacier and playing ding dong ditch on the moon they return them home and Robot Sanchez goes back online. He begins hurting Manny and Frida but his kids come and give him a trophy with 'Worlds best dad' on it. Sanchez thanks Manny and Frida for helping his family and lets them go.
    • There's also the fact that GRS is celebrating with his family and the rest of Miracle City when the Rivera's defeat the rest of the villains, possibly alluding to a Heel–Face Turn (or at the very least no longer causing mayhem).
  • Chuy sacrificing his life to save Manny and take down Chipotle's monster. Unknown to Manny however, is that Chuy survived.
  • Manny and Frida going to the dance together in "Wrong and dance".
  • The ending to "Oso Sole Mio":
    Frida: Isn't love lovely? (Smiles and scoots closer to Manny).
  • In "Silver Wolf" Frida spends the whole week ignoring Manny and hanging out with Silver Wolf. When the two fight, Silver Wolf shocks Tigre with his whip and wants Frida to finish him. He tells her to pick between him and El Tigre. Frida immediately picks El Tigre without missing a beat, telling Silver Wolf it's a no-brainer.
  • Raul and Browsia's romance in "Mustache love" Ending with them getting married and sharing a kiss of true love. El Tigre made a love story between a mustache and an eyebrow adorable.
  • The end of "The Golden Eagle Twins". Yes, the twins got away with all of their wrongdoings AND got Manny both horribly injured and imprisoned because of them. However, even though he only had Manny's word to go by, Rodolfo did not hesitate to believe his son's story and was ultimately proud of him for saving the park occupants.
  • Sans the mutual Frida-obsession and willingness to fight each other over her, Diego and Sergio's friendship can be seen as this.
  • The Rivera men bonding together as a family in the final episode. They truly unite and help each other when their powers are mixed up and their punch is so powerful it circles the whole globe.
    • Frida giving a kiss to Manny.
    • Two awesome (final) words that describe the Riveras wholeheartedly, whether they be good, bad or something in between: "FAMILIA FOREVER!!!"
  • Especially knowing that Manny abandoned her in kindergarten, played her for information regarding her family's plans, and ultimately leaves her again for Frida, it could be sort of nice to know that Zoe will ultimately find a partner in Django.
    • Not to mention this technically also ends the line of failed romances between the Aves' and the Riveras... even if Django is of an illegitimate line or does not count as a Rivera.
  • It's really sweet that Manny's parents end up getting back together once his dad finally retires from his work as a superhero.
    • It's also really nice to see that Rodolfo and Maria are/were a divorced couple that were on friendly terms with each other, not to mention Manny seems to have had no issues arising from the divorce.
  • When Manny and Frida were afraid that Maria was going to take Manny away due to Miracle City being too dangerous, Maria reveals not only does she know and is accepting of El Tigre but that she also planned to move back so that she could better guide Manny throughout life.
  • Though it ended up costing the soccer match and everyone attacked him for it, Manny deciding to play the rest of the game without El Tigre in order to make his father happy (not to mention make it up to Rodolfo for getting him sick so Granpapi could take over as coach).