Heartwarming / EastEnders

  • Zainab going to see Syed in the hospital after he'd gotten injusted at their restaurant even though she technically wasn't acknowledging his existence.
  • Pat and Janine accepting each other as mother and daughter on Pat's deathbed
  • Phil risks leaving his finger prints at the scene of Heather's murder to mourn her whilst holding her hand.
  • After weeks of speculating whether or not Alfie still loves her, when Kat's arms are injured via following onto glass, Alfie's immediant responds is to rush her to the medical kit.
  • Lola refusing to give birth so her Grandpa Billy can run with the Olympic flame and not worry about her.
  • Phil coming to aid one of Lady Di's pups after it is not responding after being born. He succeeds and the response from the Carters says it all.
  • Johnny Carter's coming out scene is a mix between this and being a tearjerker. His father's immediate acceptance and comfort could melt the hardest heart.
    • Likewise, his lovable military brother saying that, in no uncertain words, that if any homophobics give his baby brother grief, he'll gladly beat them up for him.
  • Liam Butcher in general. As a loving grandson and son to Bianca and Carol, a little brother to Whitney and a protective and caring elder brother to Tiffany and Morgan.
  • Ian Beale and Carol Jackson's heart-to-heart while the former considers her marriage the other's half-brother, David Wicks, was nothing short of sweet as they are both loaded with problems in their lives but find comfort knowing they aren't alone in their suffering, including lost children each.
  • During several more poignant closings (eg. culminating in a main character departing or very rare Happy Ending) the iconic opening drums will be replaced by a soft, moving piano riff building up to the main theme out of respect. The variant, named "Julia's Theme" can often be used to pinpoint any Heartwarming Moments or Tearjerkers.
  • Linda and Mick's wedding. All of it.
    • Mick going back to rescue Dean and giving him CPR to resuscitate him after Buster says he's gone. For all Dean did to him and Linda, Mick still can't bring himself to leave the man to die. He wouldn't be the man Linda loved if he didn't.