Heartwarming / Earthsea
aka: Earthsea Trilogy


The Tombs of Atuan

  • Ged giving Tenar back her name.
    "Take care, Tenar."
  • Later, Ged telling Tenar how much having contact with her meant to him.
    "One man alone has no hope, here. I was dying of thirst when you gave me water, yet it was not the water alone that saved me. It was the strength of the hands that gave it."
  • Ged and Tenar's Power of Trust conversation, as they discuss escaping from the labyrinth.
    Tenar: They would not let us get out. Ever.
    Ged: Perhaps not. Yet it's worth trying. You have knowledge, and I have skill, and between us we have...
    Tenar: We have the Ring of Erreth-Akbe.
    Ged: Yes, that. But I thought also of another thing between us. Call it trust....That is one of its names. It is a very great thing. Though each of us alone is weak, having that we are strong, stronger than the Powers of the Dark. Listen, Tenar! I came here a thief, an enemy, armed against you; and you showed me mercy, and trusted me. And I have trusted you from the first time I saw your face, for one moment in the cave beneath the Tombs, beautiful in the darkness. You have proved your trust in me. I have made no return. I will give you what I have to give. My true name is Ged. And this is yours to keep. Let the ring be rejoined.
    Tenar: I will come with you.

Alternative Title(s): Earthsea Trilogy