Heartwarming / Dwight Schultz

  • Dwight's answer to Vitriolic Best Bud Dirk Benedict when Dirk makes fun of how often Dwight calls his wife:
    Dirk: "[Dwight's] room is next to mine at the hotel — I've heard every conversation. He calls his wife about every twenty minutes, 'hi, honey, I miss you.' They've been married thirty-five years. What is with that? How do you have a relationship like that where you are away from your wife for a day and you just have to call her?"
  • Dwight's habit of introducing Dirk Benedict as his Only Friend (in Hollywood), but especially this instance, which also (as is common with them) doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny:
    Dwight: "[Dirk] is the only friend I have from Hollywood; he's the only person I stay in contact with. Very, very good friend."
    Dirk: "It's mutual. ...[Unlike me, you live near a lot of people, so] you could have other friends."
    Dwight: "I could."
    Dirk: "You're tempted sometimes."
    Dwight: "But I've decided you are enough."
  • Sharlto Copley (who plays Murdock in the recent A-Team movie and who was a huge fan of Dwight) talked about how he got a chance to hang out with Dwight while in the midst of filming the movie, and they absolutely adored each other. While hanging out, Sharlto wanted to see what Dwight thought of his performance and asked Dwight to take a look at his audition video; Sharlto said he was a bit nervous showing his audition tape to The Murdock and one of his childhood heroes, but was far beyond pleased and amazed when Dwight giggled through it and then started tearing up, then, when it was over, got up and gave Sharlto a hug and told him he (Sharlto) is Murdock.
    • Dwight loved Sharlto's performance so much he promptly wrote on his website: "Murdock is dead. Long live Murdock!"