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     The Animated Series 
  • "Eye of the Beholder": Hank and Eric get a brief one after the latter abandons the portal home to save Sir John and his son from Venger. This results in one of the few times anyone ever thanks Eric for (or even acknowledges) one of his acts of bravery.
    Hanks: (his hand on his shoulder) Nice work, pal!
    Eric: (smiles) Thanks...
  • "Valley of the Unicorns": It's nice to see Dungeon Master give Eric credit after he saves the team from a rockslide.
    Bobby: Don't worry, Uni, we're okay. And would you believe who saved us? Eric!
    Dungeon Master: Why do you find that difficult to believe, Barbarian?
    Bobby: Oh, you know, Eric doesn't do anything but complain and...
    Sheila: Yeah, who'd have thought he could be brave?
  • In "Beauty and the Bogbeast", Eric is forced to return to The Realm to cure himself of Baleful Polymorph status, with the full realization that there wouldn't be enough time for him to return to his homeworld if he went back. The others decide that it wouldn't be right to leave Eric in The Realm alone, and go back for him, knowing they, too, will be trapped there again.
  • "Quest of the Skeleton Warrior": When the kids are facing their worst fears, Hank manages to get into a position where he can speak to the rest of the group and is able to reassure them all enough that they're able to break out on their own. Bonus for Shelia's (who's terrified of being alone) response.
    Sheila: Then I'm not alone?
    Hanks: No!
    Sheila: (reassured) Then I'm not afraid!
  • In "The Garden of Zinn", Sheila's Single Tear of gratitude for Solarz breaks the curse on him and returns him to his proper form.
  • "City on the Edge of Midnight" gives us Ramoud, a walking Moment of Heartwarming and Awesome rolled into one. He welcomes the children as if they were his own, charges headfirst into danger with them, and is pretty much one of the few characters to avert the Adults Are Useless trope that seems to be highly present for the series. This leads to the most memorable line of the episode and probably the most quoted line in the series:
    Diana: [Ramoud's] the next best thing to having a real dad.
    Eric: Are you kidding? He's better than my dad ever was...
  • Despite its nonsensical plot, "The Traitor" still manages to deliver two of these: First, Sheila spends the whole episode needing the others to hold her back from throttling Hank, convinced he's done something horrible to her brother. When she finds out what he's been forced to do to try to save her brother, she bursts into tears and breaks down sobbing into his chest, while Hank holds her in his arms and assures her it's okay.
    • The only other one seen apologizing to Hank is Eric at the end of the episode. It's one of the few moments outside of when he was disinhibited in "Day of the Dungeon Master" that the cavalier lets himself show any emotion before the team besides hostility, and the strain in his voice and the way he can't even bare to look at his friend really shows how hard it is for him.
  • "Child of the Stargazer" not only gives us a genuinely sweet romance between Diana and Kosar from beginning to end but this rather bittersweet moment, as well:
    Sheila: Where is Kosar anyway?
    Eric: (annoyed) Back there. With Diana. In love...
    Bobby: And where's Uni?
    (Later, as Bobby and Eric are the only ones watching the trio who lagged behind)
    Bobby: (after Uni, for once, won't come when he called her) Where is she?
    Eric: Too bad, old buddy. Better get used to it — she's run off with another guy.
    Bobby: She has not!
    Eric: Sorry, short stuff, it... it happens to the best of us...
  • An unusual one for Dungeon Master in "Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn": Eric states that their impending doom is all his fault for opening the box, and Dungeon Master actually takes the time to calm him and tell him that, no, he asked for permission, and then looks meaningfully at Hank, saying that Hank all but gave Eric that permission. Hank, properly chastened, apologizes, and Dungeon Master tells him not to abandon his leadership or his hope.
  • At the end of "Cave of the Fairie Dragons," when Bobby's depressed about their latest failure to go home, Eric, who usually complains more than anyone when this happens, is the one who cheers him up.
    Bobby: But we lost another chance to go home...
    Eric: Sorry, short stuff — we all want to go home, but...
    Hank: Like Dungeon Master said, a giant sacrifice was required to save our tiny friend.
    Eric: And if we never saved tiny friends, where would you be?
    Bobby: (smiling) Gimme a break, Eric!
    Eric: Relax. Look at this way — at least we're not any further from home, right?
  • The way Eric reacts when Hank's taken prisoner by the Darkling in "The Winds of Darkness" really says a lot. For a minute, he's completely outraged by how Dungeon Master insists (as usual) that there's nothing he can do, but he quickly gets over it and calmly but determinedly sets out to find his friend, the others following him without questioning his impromptu leadership once over the next two days.

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