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[[folder: The Animated Series]]

* In "Beauty and the Bogbeast", Eric is forced to return to The Realm to cure himself of BalefulPolymorph status, with the full realization that there wouldn't be enough time for him to return to his homeworld if he went back. The others decide that it wouldn't be right to leave Eric in The Realm alone, and go back for him, knowing they, too, will be trapped there again.
* In "The Garden of Zinn", Sheila's SingleTear of gratitude for Solarz breaks the curse on him and returns him to his proper form.
* "City on the Edge of Midnight" gives us Ramoud, a walking Moment of Heartwarming and Awesome rolled into one. He welcomes the children as if they were his own, charges headfirst into danger with them, and is pretty much one of the few characters to avert the AdultsAreUseless trope that seems to be highly present for the series.
* An unusual one for Dungeon Master in "Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn". Eric states that their impending doom is all his fault for opening the box, and Dungeon Master actually takes the time to calm him and tell him that, no, he asked for permission, and then looks meaningfully at Hank, saying that Hank all but gave Eric that permission. Hank, properly chastened, apologizes, and Dungeon Master tells him not to abandon his leadership or his hope.

[[folder: Games and Guidebooks]]
* [[ The story of Noh]].