Heartwarming / Duckman

Happens more often than you might think... As CR put it, because the show wasn't nearly as schmaltzy as shows like Full House, the moments where the characters did something heartwarming meant all that much more.
  • The Indian casino episode.
  • While it borders on Author Tract, Duckman's pep-talk to America at the end of "America the Beautiful" fits.
    Duckman: There've even been times I've wanted to give up - but if I do, how can I expect things to ever get better? What kind of world would I be leaving my kids?
  • "The Girls of Route Canal", in which Duckman tells his sons the story of how he met Beatrice.
  • Near the end of "Cellar Beware", Duckman throws himself on top of a bomb — and even though it didn't end up exploding, Duckman "sacrificing" himself willingly to protect his family tugs at the heartstrings a little.
  • The end of "Sperms of Endearment", when Duckman and Bernice walk together in the park and engage in a venom-free exchange of their usual insults.
  • After being driven to the brink by his various future-selves in "The Once and Future Duck", Duckman finds himself face-to-face with a past version of himself — from the day of his wedding.
    Past!Duckman: There are some things I-I gotta know! For instance - my marriage. Am I doing the right thing, marrying Beatrice? Do we grow old together?
    Past!Duckman: ůmaybe I don't need to know any more than that.
  • The episode "About Face" has Duckman falling in love with a 911 operator over the phone, staying with her and actually being honest about himself even after finding out that she's The Grotesque, so hideous that even Fluffy & Uranus are horrified. She eventually gets plastic surgery because she hates how hurt Duckman looks at others' reactions, and becomes the perfect woman... at which point he breaks up with her, realizing that he's completely beneath what she deserves.
    • Even more notable in that Bernice even empathizes with Duckman's position.
  • "Ajax and Ajaxer" ends with a dedication to the late Dana Hill.
  • After Duckman reveals why he was such a jerkass to King Chicken as a child, they bond in King Chicken's rec-room/Duckman-murder-shrine. After so many implied years at each other's throats, for the truth to finally come out and for them to be able to be in a room at the same time, even if it involved copious amounts of alcohol and King Chicken having an affair with Bernice, was a nice development.
    • Too bad it didn't stick by the end of the episode, though...
  • The ending of the very first episode qualifies as one. Well, two if you count the dedication to the late Frank Zappa, whose son is the voice of Ajax.
  • In "Gripes of Wrath", when Duckman is confronted with a cheerful Bernice being nice to him, he breaks out with "Who are you and what have you done with Bernice?!" And he sounds completely sincere and genuinely angry.