Heartwarming / DragonFable

Book 1

  • Warlic's return from the dead.
  • Sepulchure, of all people, gets one, when he blasts Grams away to prevent her from escaping with his daughter.
  • The people of Amityvale adopting the dracolich babies at the end of the Amityvillain quest chain.

Book 2

  • While entering Xan's lair in Chapter 2, you can find a portrait of Jaania in one of the rooms, along with a elemental bouquet under it. It shows he still cared for her, at least for a while.

Book 3

  • Verlyrus the Boxcat sends the Hero off to do quests that involves them bringing food to the cat. During the quest "Food for Thought", the Hero takes a bag of fish with them to attend a dinner party Verlyrus is having in a cave. While it is sad the villagers of Amityvale can no longer keep their pet undead dracoliches with the Rose's presence in town, it is great to see someone is still taking care of them after all of these years. Verylyrus has been such a good parent that the dracoliches are mimicking the behavior of cats, such as meowing to communicate!
  • In the Blood and Roses saga, after Raven is bitten, Magus Neron doesn't reject her (as most other Rose members would have), but instead supports her and assures her that they'll find a cure for lycanthropy. It's even more heartwarming after Neron reveals that Raven is like a daughter to him. It's clear that he truly cares about her and doesn't want her to be hurt.
  • The Void Ship Saga:
    • When the Hero asks Tomix if there was at least one good event in his life, he replies, "You."
    • Tomix's last words to the Hero:
      Tomix: Ah... I don't know what to say. Keep on helping people, just like you have helped me thousands of times. You are an inspiration. A true hero.
      • Along the same vein, Tomix's words to Yashta are fairly heartwarming and tearjerking as well.
      Tomix: From now on, you will only have one "master". Please take good care of them. They mean the world to me.
    • Maz's speech about Tomix during Tomix's funeral:
      Captain Mazurek: *sighs* Ye know, 'luv, yer not the first man to have taken up on an adventure like that. I've seen many. Comin' in with yer handsome, pretty looks and yer fighting skills. Promisin' a wild adventure like no other... Life be filled with plenty of short lived and passing acquaintances. Aye, a pirate's life it is. Saying that you be no more that though... I'd be wrong.
      Listen... I mayen't have pretty words or fond memories like yer friends 'ere. I were the ship's Captain. surely, but ye... ye were sailin' in yer own storm as well, weren't ye? One so terrible and so violent, ye knew that, no matter how ye'd sail, no matter how hard ye fought against it... Eventually... ye'd sink and join Davey's Locker. Still kept to the wheel though. Ye still sailed because ye knew that though ye might go down tryin', ye could still save the one thing that mattered. Ye could still save yer crew.
      Ye were a brave Captain to us all, Tomix, 'cause ye had the true heart of one.
      • The Hero talking at Tomix's grave after the others have left. What he/she says is both tearjerking and heartwarming.
    • The end credits, which thanks the players for playing and shows pictures of the main cast and their future.
  • The "Pirate Booty" quest's final cutscene shows Captain Mazurek holding a familiar silver necklace with purple/violet pendant. She still remembers Tomix even after his death.
  • In the Epilogue of Calamity, it was revealed that Serenity (originally believed to be Deader Than Dead) didn't have her soul destroyed after all, and she returns as a spirit to inspire the Hero to continue onwards and to give one final goodbye.
  • Surprisingly, the premise of the 2018 Friday the 13th War "The Ghoulidays" is this. Turns out that the main boss just wanted to cheer you up.


  • Rolith proposed to his girlfriend Alina IN-GAME, using their NPCs, and Alina responded WITH A QUEST. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.