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Heartwarming: DragonFable
  • Warlic's return from the dead.
  • Rolith proposed to his girlfriend Alina IN-GAME, using their NPCs, and Alina responded WITH A QUEST. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Sepulchure, of all people, gets one, when he blasts Grams away to prevent her from escaping with his daughter.
  • The people of Amityvale adopting the dracolich babies at the end of the Amityvillain quest chain.
  • While entering Xan's lair in Chapter 2, you can find a portrait of Jaania in one of the rooms, along with a elemental bouquet under it, showing he still cared for her, at least, for a while.
  • The Hero asks Tomix if there was at least one good event in his life, to which he replies "You."
  • The 'Pirate Booty' quest final cutscene shows captain Mazurek holding a familiar silver necklace with purple/violet pendant. She still remembers Tomix even after his death.

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