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Heartwarming: Doug Walker

  • Before the "Animaniacs Tribute" was put out, Doug got engaged to his girlfriend and called it the happiest day of his life.
    • Even better? Rob proposed to his girlfriend on the same day.
  • He said at Daisho Con that he was inspired by Lindsay to give a more general review at the end of his episodes. Seeing as how he started this gig before her and she was brought on to be his character's Distaff Counterpart, it gives you fuzzy feelings.
    • As soon as he saw her abortion documentary, he made a glowing recommendation on his facebook page. More details/context here.
  • The introduction to "Doug's Top Ten Movies He Hates But Everyone Else Loves" is basically Doug saying "everyone has movies that they like and dislike, it is all opinion, and nobody's is more valuable than anyone else". He's such a nice guy.
  • His video on winning the Mashable Award for Best Entrepreneur Of The Year. There aren't many people who can pull off looking 100% genuine when they say they don't deserve something like that.
  • The NC Special is half simple and nonsensical fun and half pure 'awww'. Oh, c'mon, who doesn't like some brotherly love?
    Doug: You're ready?
    Rob: What?!
    Doug: I love you.
    Rob: Uuuuuuh...
    • Rob gets his own back on the forums. Whenever the Fan Dumb says they're lazy or that Doug is stupid, he'll go into protective big brother mode.
  • Doug directing fans to vote for The Angry Video Game Nerd rather than Nostalgia Critic as Best Online Web Series during the Open Web Awards. The purpose was to not split a shared fanbase and allow other shows to win. When the Nerd found out, he made his own statement of thanks and declared a victory for him to be a victory for Doug as well.
  • After the credits of his Langoliers review, Doug comes on to do a hyperactive commercial saying that people can pre-order the Best of TGWTG Vol. 2 DVD. He then says that "we" get to have the special offer because we stayed after the credits, and then he says that we're awesome, and he loves us so much. It's quick, it's most likely something that sort of popped out in the hyper attitude of the commercial, but it's still sweet that even after all this time and all the crap some have to done to him, Doug still loves his fans.
  • At the end of his video game commentary on the DVD, he adds in a quick "I love you all".
  • This facebook post from him where he basically says how much he dislikes set gender roles. Especially remembering some of the worry people had over the Airborne review, this troper wanted to give him a huge hug.
  • The ridiculous amount of effort he puts into getting reviews and sketches out is kinda inspiring. The guy even apologized once for only being able to get three shows out one week, holy crap.
  • As a gay man who recently came out to my rather... conservative parents who didn't react well, hearing Doug smack down "Boys Beware" with both funny snark and genuine rage made my life seem a little brighter.
  • His heartfelt post on how gay marriage is saving the sanctity of the practice because of all the obstacles they have to overcome, not destroying it.
  • In a Random Odds interview, his saying the main reason why his wife doesn't appear in his videos (other than a voice sometimes) is that he doesn't want to tell her what to do. Now that's a sweet husband.
    • He admitted at a con that he pretty much feels the same way about his colleagues, saying the directing part of anniversaries is the hardest because he never wants to be seen as nasty.
  • While it was a really funny exaggeration of his niceness, he being the only one in Phelous's review of House of Wax to not celebrate Paris Hilton's character's death and even being disgusted by the site's celebration of it was bizarrely d'aww-worthy.
  • In a con video, Doug actually bouncing in his chair in excitement for the next Twilight and Tommy Wiseau movies. The former is a bit awkward now due to how badly the actual film shook him.
    • In the same video, giving an audience member a giant glomp because the guy had got him a new pipe to use for Ask That Guy.
  • This video before the first big donation drive, both his acting like a six year old on crack and his ridiculously cute call with his girlfriend-now-fiancee.
  • After finding out that the daughter of Jim Jenkins, creator of Doug, watches his show, Doug made sure to send her a Facebook message that the Nostalgia Critic is just a character he plays who doesn't share his own opinions, and he doesn't actually have the burning hatred for her father's work that the Critic has.
  • There's something very uplifting about this facebook message:
    I realize I have no answers to anything in life, none. I only have assumptions, some more probable than others. I know nothing for sure, and thank God. The possibilities then for anyone and anything are endless, and that gives me more hope and confidence than any answer of absolute certainty ever could.
  • Even with all his hate for Breaking Dawn, he still tries to make it clear that he doesn't think people who actually liked it are stupid or bad.
    • And a meta version. He was so upset by how the film handled abortion and what it felt a man would do in that situation that he was visibly shaking for over ten minutes. Cue over half the reviews asking him if he's all right.
    • For guys who have been abused, it means so much that as well as rightfully ragging on Edward for being a dick, he recognizes Bella's tendency to be emotionally abusive and hates her for it too.
    • Minor example, but he puts himself above most haters when he interrupts his bitching when he says he feels bad for Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart and hopes they do okay later on in their careers.
    • Just the fact that he didn't answer his phone and continue the review rather than interrupting it shows how much he cares for his fanbase.
    • His genuine belief that misogynists who'll force their girlfriends to get abortions exist at like 0.1% in the real world. This isn't some privileged white boy "you women are just complaining and I won't listen to you", he really does believe it.
  • His very sweet Thanksgiving post:
    Things I am thankful for: My awesome family, the woman I love, great friends to be around, fans who enjoy my work, a wonderful crew and team of producers to work with, and, despite the fact that I enjoy a holiday that exists to remind of them, the fact that I will never truly need that holiday to make me remember how thankful I am they exist. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!
    • And again the following year:
    Is there anything that justifies being thankful for the same things every year, like family, friends, people who enjoy your work, and a wonderful wife to love by your side? Yes, meaning it every single time you say it. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Only one week in and his Disneycember series is positively FULL of these.
    • Just how excited he is reviewing The Great Mouse Detective. He's like a little kid again.
    • More with how much he respects Lindsay; because he enjoys Ariel's curiosity and passion so much, he mostly ignored the backlash she got as a character. But it was the Chick's review of The Little Mermaid that made him realize for the first time that Ariel has the big flaw of being allowed to get away with everything and not having to change.
    • Hearing his absolute adoration towards Beauty and the Beast in and of itself was just adorable.
    • When he reviews Lilo & Stitch, he absolutely gushes over how well Disney portrayed a child character and her dysfunctional family. It was already evident with Critic being such a Papa Wolf, but the review just cemented how much Doug cares about children.
  • In his charity auction video, the tone of his voice when he talks about the Critic hat he's selling and the reason why he's so connected to it is because his fiancee gave it to him. He really does adore her.
    • Anyone who's been dragged to school because they were bullied so much will want to cling to him when he discusses how mainly he chose the charity because they help people who are scared to go in.
  • His Bart's Nightmare LP commentary, being the smart, self-deprecating, sweet guy we all know and love. Even when he admits he was brattily angry about the amount of hate he got, you can't really blame him and he was apologetic for that too.
  • Doug's Christmas message.
  • At his Shadocon panel with Egoraptor, one fan wanted to hear him do the Bat-credit card joke, but he had thrown out his voice the previous day and was trying to save it. So Doug volunteered to have the guy give him his name and number, and he'd call him to do the joke over the phone once his voice recovered. Egoraptor then jumped in and did the joke, saying that he was Doug's "yell interpreter."
    • While Harsher in Hindsight, Egoraptor having a rare Sincerity Mode moment and saying how he really respects Doug for ending Critic at the right time. And Doug for his part quietly thanks him while putting his hand on his shoulder.
    • At another panel, an asshole asked Rob what it was like to be in his little brother's shadow. While Rob took it in his stride and made an Incest Subtext joke, Doug was the one to actually get pissed off.
  • One fan was disappointed that the NC review of The Grinch didn't include a takeoff on the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," so he wrote his own. Doug, not having much time to make an entry for the site's holiday video, elected to sing it in his best Thurl Ravenscroft impression. That fan must have been overjoyed.
  • At a Q and A con, a girl in the audience had trouble getting her words out. Doug turned on the keet mode, made her laugh and gave her a lift-up-off-the-floor glomp hug when she managed to ask her question.
  • The reason he gives for why everyone goes gaga over Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the way he says it is almost poignant. It's every childhood fantasy coming to life, and the cartoon characters are timeless, not manipulated into modern-day incarnations.
  • Matching Critic's Papa Wolf hate of the mother's crazy driving with her kid still in there, he admits in the Ponyo commentary that he's incredibly protective of children.
    Doug: But there's a lot of stuff like, should you really be arguing that much in front of the kid, should you be that mean to the father... Um, spoken like a person who does not have kids, so there you go, what the hell am I talking about.
    • And while he admits that a lot of his jokes about Lisa/Riza being a bad mother (her apparent drinking and arguing with her husband in front of her son) are Played for Laughs, he is genuinely freaked out by her terrible driving and goes into just as much ranting about it there as he did in the review.
  • He spends half his commentary for The Grinch interrupting himself, remembering that the movie has lots of genuine fans, and he doesn't want to insult them.
  • In both the Transformers 3 and Jungle 2 Jungle reviews, he has pretty painful looking hickeys, obviously given by his fiancee. Not heartwarming by itself particularly, but what makes it sweet is how he keeps giving us chances to look at them, showing he's not embarrassed in the slightest and might even be a little proud.
  • An odd choice perhaps, but after the Hollywood Pudgy crap he gets, the majority of people in this post (where Doug said the best way to lose weight was to shoot a nine day film) either telling him to eat or that he was skinny enough already.
  • At the end of "The Making Of A Nostalgia Critic", with Doug basically showing us an entire week of work, he reassures us that he loves what he does and that it might be a long session, but it's usually not hard.
  • This post, made after his Fan Dumb harassed Mara Wilson by completely missing the point of "everything means something to someone" and forever telling her that the Critic hated her movies and that she is the unreasonable, hypocritical one for being offended in the first place. Extra bonus for Miss Wilson eventually coming over to the side of Mean Character, Nice Actor after disbelieving it for a while.
    • And her response posted on his wall is pretty sweet too.
    • And to wrap it all up, she even makes an appearance in the Critic's review of another film she starred in, A Simple Wish.
  • The entirety of his commentary for A Simple Wish could fit here, but to narrow it down to one, his reassuring fans who worry he has self-esteem issues by saying he's proud of what he has (the site, his friends and so on) and it doesn't bother him if people take advantage of the way he Apologizes a Lot.
    • In the retake commentary, he calls every film, regardless of whether it's actually good or not, a little miracle. Aww.
  • In response to Maurice Sendak's death, he made this post complimenting his work and stating his own love for the Where the Wild Things Are movie.
  • In the Sibling Rivalry for Star Trek, after a while of Doug clinging onto the whiskey bottle, Rob orders in his best big-brother-rules voice to give the bottle over and grabs it out of Doug's hands.
  • Doug saying that he thought the The Hunger Games was a great movie for teens and young adults, especially as a way of introducing them to the Science Fiction Dystopia genre.
  • In the real review of The Amazing Spider-Man, he spends a full minute and a half gushing about how this version's Gwen Stacy is such an awesome character, particularly for a superhero girlfriend.
  • Juliette Danielle, Lisa of The Room, loved the NCritic's review. Doug's responded, "Oh hi awesome lady with a great sense of humor."
  • Doug got married to his long-time girlfriend/fiancee on June 15th, 2012, topping it off with a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Many heartwarming praises were had. The Twitter hashtag for this topic was 'thatguywiththering'.
    • And in a relieving change from the norm, only one or two people bitched about getting a commentary instead of a review, most preferring instead to wish him a good holiday with his new wife because he deserves the break.
  • Instead of shoving condolences for the Colorado shooting in a comedic sketch, he made a facebook post about it instead. It's written with the same sweetness and intelligence that we've come to expect from him.
  • With the exception of Breaking Dawn, whenever he's ranting about something, he's still smiley and giggly and enjoying himself. It just goes to show you that he 100% means his “every film is a miracle regardless of quality” spiel.
  • After he announced that To Boldly Flee was the Grand Finale for the Nostalgia Critic, everyone from the site went on their Twitter and praised him for inspiring them to do their own web videos.
  • Doug and Rob, as brothers, are heartwarming in themselves. Here are two brothers who have lived together growing up and have now worked together for the past five years on videos when in general brothers usually each find their own jobs and career paths. They compliment each other greatly to the extent that the Nostalgia Critic reviews seem like they're written by one person instead of two. They proposed to their girlfriends on the same day, and both are now married. ...and they still work on videos together. Plus, their commentaries show that they are usually on the same brain wave, and when they do bicker, it's never totally serious.
  • The ending of the Top Eleven Nostalgia Critic Episodes, where he thanks the fans for making him feel like he's on top of the world and sounds inches away from happy-crying as he says it.
  • In The Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic's Reviewed, he goes into a long story about how he wanted to see The Garbage Pail Kids Movie as a kid, but his mother would not let him. He ends by thanking his mother for that.
    • Noting at the beginning of the Patch Adams segment that he only hates the Robin Williams formula, not Robin Williams himself as he's an amazing talent.
    • Similarly, stating that while he doesn't consider Matthew Broderick a good actor (with some exceptions), he has nothing against Broderick as a person.
    • When he's edging into probably too much hate for his tastes, he always goes back into his "every film can mean something to someone" ethic, setting him apart from Critic (who never even tried to understand that until Scooby-Doo) and Spoony's Played for Laughs Fan Hater-ness.
    • Over half of the movies on the list are on there because they're offending his Friend to All Children/Papa Wolf sensibilities.
    • Nothing to do with what he's talking about, but you might notice how he's constantly touching his wedding ring. That's adorable.
    • He's genuinely serious when he asks for someone who likes Garbage Pail Kids to come and talk to him, as he won't yell at them, he just wants to know how the film could be worth anything.
    • His little speech on how kids deserve the best in the film because it shapes their development.
    • How even though he admits there's no evidence for it, getting so upset at the thought of the babies in Baby Geniuses being treated badly.
    • Damned by Faint Praise, yes, but defending Manos because it wasn't made for kids like GPK and it was created by just a guy who had nothing.
  • After To Boldly Flee Doug announced that he would be bring the Critic back for special occasions. Since then, he has made a cameo in 2 of The Nostalgia Chick's reviews. Really cements how important his friends are to him.
  • His utter brain breakage over Garbage Pail Kids makes this optimism over the remake almost sickeningly sweet.
  • Two weeks after he talks about the worst movies he had to endure, he goes back to chipper mode when he does his Top 11 Favourite Jokes.
    • And his reprimand for people who write women badly was very heartwarming. "This" *hold hands to his chest* "does not replace this" *taps head*. It really just warms you up inside.
    • While it could be seen as pretty obvious anyway, hearing that "like what you like" applies to sexual tastes too.
    • Talking about the Hamlet speech in the Tom and Jerry movie review, and calling it his tribute to all his childhood memories of the show. Bonus for how he also realizes that nothing about the franchise got trashed because it was just a stupid movie that nobody watched.
    • Giggling so hard at the "Ghost Of Christmas Phelous" that his hand starts shaking. It's cuter when you see it.
    • After all his (understandable really) complaining that he's sick of having to do the Bat Credit Card rant and thinks it's overrated, when it comes up here, he scolds himself a little and says that the worst part of his job is having to do it all the time, he's got a pretty good thing going.
    • In the Casper segment, he spends like three minutes little-brother-gushing over Rob's abilities with a camera.
    • His number one pick is the Mara Wilson joke, and his reasons for why he loves it so much are so kind-hearted that it might make you cry. It's amazing how he so obviously thinks the world of her.
    • The entire thirty five minute episode summed up in one screenshot.
  • In the youmacon Q&A, leading a round of applause for Stephen Spielberg "being a good dad" and caring more for his sick son than producing the Jurassic Park sequel.
    • At the same con, having a gooey squeefest over a British girl's accent.
  • Despite Demo Reel suffering from loud Hate Dumb (along with quieter praise and constructive criticism), he still takes time in this video to thank the fandom for being loyal, to promise that they'd never intentionally let out anything that wasn't up to standards, and to reassure people that while they're retooling the show a little, they won't be changing the characters or their interactions.
  • That he apparently can't even watch himself playing Ask That Guy because he'd be ashamed at what he's said speaks a lot about how he's too nice for his own good.
  • In a ConBravo interview, he said he (unless in a bad mood) doesn't let creepy or hateful comments bother him because they pale in comparison to possibly starving or going off to fight in another country. That sounds both inspiring and giving people a free pass to be dicks.
  • Whenever he does a Q&A with someone else and they get trapped with a Fan Hater question, he always comes to their rescue with that opinion you all know.
  • "Sibling Rivalry: Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2". Not just because the brotherly dynamic is adorable as ever, but Doug is back to his happy bouncy self after the awfulness of the first half of the movie broke him.
    • The keetness continues. Apart from the oddly edited Skyfall and Wreck-It Ralph, Doug is having a blast just hanging out with Rob and talking about movies with him.
    • Hearing Rob talk so seriously about how good and emotional Bolt is. Even Doug is surprised.
    • Doug's relentless optimism against Rob's dislike of The Hobbit is just precious.
  • After years of trying to get across to the Misaimed Fandom that Critic was an Anti-Role Model, To Boldly Flee and retiring the character happened. Now he's very affectionate towards the persona, always leaping to his defense when people act like Critic was nothing but a worthless asshole.
  • The post on the school shooting in Connecticut. The boy's got compassion and eloquence in spades.
  • To his great credit, when people assume he runs the site, he'll always correct them and point to Michaud, Holly, and Rob are the ones that keep business going and everyone happy. He's just like the hooker in the window, getting people in and being the entertainment.
  • At TGS, he said his only limit for Ask That Guy is that it has to be mocking hate, not spreading it. It's common decency, but as Ask That Guy is touted as one of the worst people ever on the site, it's reassuring to know that, at least back then, Doug never wanted to do anything bigoted.
  • Being big enough in Toy Story 2 to give Randy Newman major props for the emotional "When Somebody Loved Me".
  • He gives great praise to Finding Nemo for not giving into the temptation of having Marlin and Dory get together, and letting her be a friend with her own personality than just shoving her into Satellite Love Interest territory.
  • Hearing him gush on Ratatouille's gorgeous atmosphere and how amazing the critic's last speech is gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • Despite his hatred for Cars, always interrupting himself to apologize for disliking a movie that he thinks most people seem to love.
  • How happy he sounds that he has a new name-sharer in Dug and doesn't have to be teased over Doug anymore.
  • Even though he enjoys the first and second more, his closing Toy Story 3 speech on why people like Toy Story so much. He sounds like he might cry at points.
  • Harsher in Hindsight aside, at the end of the cons and auctions video, how he's so excited to get moving on new shows that he can barely get words out. Even now it's so easy to get caught up in his excitement.
  • His segment in the 2012 Channel Awesome Holiday Video. Acknowledging how 2012 was a largely unhappy year, he presents an entire list of heartwarming/awesome moments that did happen during the year. In a year where he produced an epic, had the guts to end his most popular series and replace it with not one but three new series, and even got married, he asks the viewer to reflect on their year and insert their own awesome moment of 2012 into that final spot. The genuine concern for peoples' happiness and the selflessness he shows by giving the viewers the final awesome moment spot is just so astounding it melts your heart.
  • Doug holding a baby = death from cute.
  • A lot of moments in "Shut Up And Talk - Mara Wilson" because of the Converted Fangirl history and Doug's gentleness as an interviewer, but this stands out:
    Mara: When I’m sad about my own life (…) reaching out and doing things for others, as corny as it may sound, actually helps a lot.
    Doug: That doesn’t sound corny at all.
    Mara: Yeah, well, you’re a warm-hearted mid-westerner, Doug, I’m a cold-hearted new yorker.
  • This picture of him taking a nap on the floor at shadocon. Just look at that sweet little smile.
  • Even in an interview where he's playing his Depraved Bisexual nutjob persona (not Ask That Guy, think third DVD advertisement), he still makes sure everyone knows that James is a good guy who treats him well.
  • In "The Review Must Go On," did anyone else find it heart warming that the first person Doug confided in about his dilemma was Lewis? Unsurprisingly, Lewis gave Doug better advice than any of the other people he asked.
  • His saying on the "Nostalgia Critic Reloaded" DVD that what he remembers most about the character (as this was made before he brought him out of retirement) is the occasional stories he was told about how the videos helped people through very hard times, and in a few cases even kept them from committing suicide.
  • While we're on the subject, a con goer at Shado Con 2012 made Doug a birthday card, expressing her gratitude for him. She mentioned on the birthday card, his work saved her from suicide. On the last day of the con, she found out that he loved the card and hugged her. If that's not the cutest thing he's ever done, I don't know what is.
  • Doug playing with the random kid in this video of the Demo Reel auditions. It's so cute you could just die!
  • The melancholy kind of sweet at the end of his character analyzing of Mrs Brisby, where he says he's learned a lot from her fear and bravery, and will probably learn more in the future.
  • Four episodes into watching Avatar The Last Airbender for daily Vlogs, he has fallen for the show's sense of fun. His anticipation to watch the next episode is adorable.
    • After watching "Zuko Alone", he goes on a brief tangent about how well Dante Basco portrays Zuko, and it snowballs into him saying that voice actors do not get enough credit.
    • He has a Freudian Slip during one vlog which shows us who he considers Zuko's father:
    [As The Fire Lord] "My brother has betrayed me! My nephew has betrayed me! I must send you, my daughter to bring them in!
    • Doug later finds out that Dante has seen the video and says he's glad to know that a good actor knows he's appreciated.
    • After Dante mistakenly gave credit to the YouTube user who uploaded Doug's vlog rather than to Doug himself, TGWTG fans made sure to alert him of his error. Dante responded: "I’m sorry that sometimes I’m not so good on the internet with figuring out who the original poster of things… Doug, let me tell you how popular you and your blog are… I’ve been bombarded by people wanting to make sure you get proper credit. Your fans love you." Read the full response here.
    • Rob calling him "Prince Zuko" and him calling Rob "Uncle Iroh" during their review of "The Painted Lady."
    • Doug and Rob's discussion about what the show's true meaning is, and the message of Aang's energy bending means. They come to the conclusion that the moral it shows to kids is; "Take responsibility for your actions. Don't just automatically do what people say you should; think deeply about your course of action, and do what you truly think is right."
    • As of the end of the series and his final vlog, Avatar has officially become his favorite show of all time.
    • His admitting in the commentary that the infamous live-action adaptation did not particularly hurt or offend him when watching it because he had zero expectations for it to be any good to start with, and that when all's said and done he's grateful for it because, shitty as it is, it's existence is what finally led him to watching what became his new favorite show.
    • Also, while he certainly takes Shamaylan to task for problems with the movie, he admits that he doesn't hate the man personally and that he doesn't even entirely blame him for the movie since the very idea the Paramount execs had of making a live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender was pretty much doomed to failure to start with since the animated series is so perfect that it needs no such replication.
  • His habit of clinging onto his wedding band finger for dear life is very cute.
  • In the Care Bears review, Critic takes a moment out of complaining about his job to reassure us that it's the best in the world. As he turned out to be lying through his teeth, it's definitely safe to say that it was more Doug than his character.
  • How constantly apologetic he is for practically everything (from other people getting sunburn in Kickassia to breaking down over Twilight). While it might be frustrating sometimes, it really is nice to know that he cares so much.
  • Doubles with Crowning Moment of Awesome, with his rant over what happens to the fembot in Star Chaser. He really is pissed that her entire personality was forcibly changed just to please Dag, and rants a few times over the Unfortunate Implications of the message that girls who follow rules and don't want to be kidnapped are boring, but "the slutty girl who likes being kidnapped? Yeah, she's the fun one!"
  • Rob bringing up in "Endgame" that Doug's not an idiot, and looking so annoyed when Doug casually agrees with fans that he is.
  • Doug's excitement for the possible return of General Iroh while reviewing "Civil Wars Part 2."
    • Rob gushing over the Tenzin/Ikki plot, saying that despite not much really happening, the connections he had to the characters made it the best part of the episode for him, and he wishes he had that kind of connection with everyone on the show.
    • Starting with "Beginnings" they both find the season has improved dramatically, and actually look forward to the next episode just as much as the original series.
  • In the “Derps Against Humanity” stream, he had a card that said “the erotic fanfic destroyed the fandom”, and briefly defended that community (that mostly consist of queer girls and get maligned by fanboys) by saying they actually made the fandom better.
  • "Tree Trunks" has Doug a lot more upbeat than the first three episode's influx of sad confused faces, and helping himself out for once by getting an actual fan of the show to talk with him.
    • Also a relief that he decided to keep going after a week off and the last vlog had him scared that he was failing so should just quit.
    • How attached he got to the businessmen in "Business Time," even saying they didn't deserve to be refrozen. Then through his talk with Jason, he realizes it was their own choice and feels better about it.
    • Subtle sweet, but in "Ricardio The Heart Guy" and following episodes Doug gives better options for the rare few jokes he finds didn't quite work for him. Remembering what he said about how nobody could predict the show, it gives the idea that he's totally into it now.
    • In "The Duke", Jason giving Doug a break after the latter has a mini-Freak Out over the potential Demo Reel-mentioning segway note , and going for the "why wolves" reference instead with a hug thrown in for good measure.
    • In “Donny”, Jason understanding the connection between Doug's bitter in the opening and his Despair Speech later on, and telling people Demo Reel is really good.
    • Rob's immediate fanboyism for the show after seeing a single episode in "Loyalty to the King".
    Rob: I'm not saying Citizen Kane-worthy, but...
    • Despite it being a segue for the next episode, Jason getting a Tree Trunks pin for Doug. Doug's very surprised and happy, and it's nice to see when just a couple of episodes ago he was scared of a knife coming into frame.
    • Doug's total glee at Tree Trunks being back in "Crystals Have Power".
    • When Doug gets all pouty princess over his balding in "Susan Strong", Jason assures him that he's still beautiful.
      • Also, Jason defending Princess Bubblegum from Jori and Doug calling her a crazy bitch, explaining that it's less that and more she's too wrapped in science to be good with emotions.
    • “What Was Missing” has Doug not totally shipping Bubbline, but getting far more interested in Bubblegum when before he'd been called out for a Double Standard against her, and fascinated to see some possible queer representation.
      • Continues in “Marceline's Closet”, where he's disappointed that the plot wasn't “Marcy's coming out of it”, and defends people headcanoning cartoon characters as LGBT because that's progress for gay rights.
    • Even though he can be really mean to the cat and Jason lampshaded him losing his mind again, Doug petting Naruto in "No One Can Hear You".
    • Although it's taken as an excuse to grope him, Jason hugging Doug at the end of "Jake vs Me-Mow" when the latter cries that he's ugly.
    • Even though they're bitching about trolls and rich people, the last few minutes of Holly Jolly Secrets part 1. It doesn't end awkwardly and Doug's infectious giggling is nice after The Final Frontier where he said Jake's willingness to die was comforting.
    • For all the bitter and Take That, Audience!, he tries his utmost best in The "Ice King's Glasses" Issue to explain that he just wants people to be happy and not suffering actual problems like he's going through at the moment, because he's embarrassed about being an angry manchild when he should have been preparing himself for what life could throw at him.
      • And because he gets really shaky and teary-voiced during this, Jason pointing out that he could be a great motivational speaker. The effect is kinda like if he had someone to pet him during his big Breaking Dawn break.
    • Just for cuteness in "Ghost Princess", Doug gets whiny about Naruto taking over the shot and pushes the camera to him and Jason, but Jason drags him over and cuddles him because he's pouting.
    • Incendium: When Doug goes on about wanting Keith David's voice to fuck him, the potential awful gets diffused with both Jori and Jason asking Robin if she's okay with her husband saying this, and she good-naturedly teases Doug that she'll impersonate the guy when they have sex later.
    • Makes more sense in context, but in "Daddy's Little Monster" Jason admitting that he doesn't actually equate Doug's betrayal issues to people getting upset over the glasses, and just wanted to see Doug get defensive for a bit.
    • In "Princess Monster Wife", there's a funny-sweet bit where Jori says she knows that Jason would make her a runway when she's having a bad confidence day, Doug jokes that there is a runway by the door, and Jason says it's meant for Doug to feel better about himself. note 
      • While it's probably not going to last due to his very confessed self-esteem issues, Doug having a moment of contentment saying that he was desperate to be normal growing up but now can accept his crazy more because at least he's interesting.
    • While Jason makes fun of him for not being able to stand the cold, Doug in "Burning Low" having a nice little praise for the show's energy, and how much he needed it after having a miserable time in Chicago winter.
    • "BMO Noire" is the first episode where Doug doesn't get obsessive and assuming gayngst in BMO's varying gender identity. In fact he just thinks BMO is completely adorable from this point.
    • Small but just goes to show you how much the obvious needs to be stated, "Who Would Win" has Jason be the first person Doug knows (publicly anyway) to tell him that he should have some kind of medication.
    • In "I Remember You", after Jason admitting that his epilepsy makes his memory worse than it should be at his age, Jori being a sweet wife and telling the audience that with his illness, his memory is extraordinary.
      • And Doug being a protective husband, affectionately teasing his wife for being too nice and willing to look after everyone, and how that's always scared him.
    • Considering that he's usually all too willing to agree with Jori on Bubblegum hate, Doug defending the experiment scene in The Lich as hilariously fucked up (also the first time where he didn't have the "nice = boring"/"crazy = bitch" Double Standard with her) but she's still a good person because the little candy people didn't seem to mind.
    • In "Jake The Dog", Jason is adamant in reassuring the audience (and Doug himself) that Doug is a nice guy, he just needs a lot of Tough Love.
    • In “Davey”, Doug reassuring Jori (who's scared that she's get abuse at the next con) that he's figured everyone would hate him in cons too but fans are usually too shy to yell at him in person.
    • Jason and Jori in general. As well as being really cutely Happily Married and Good Parents, they were asked at a con why they were helping Doug with the vlogs as they didn't get paid, and Jason just said they did it because Doug was their friend who clearly needed someone to help him out.
    • In “All Your Fault”, Doug – realizing what a big Misaimed Fandom he has – trying to cut danger off before it starts, explicitly telling people that his never eating is a bad habit and to not be like him.
    • In "BMO Lost", Doug thanking the Slash Fic writers for making his wife happy, and jokingly adding on that they saved his marriage.
    • The Bubblegum analyzing in “The Party's Over Isla De Senorita”, with both of them feeling sympathy for her because no wonder she's as detached as she is since she gets harassed so much, and Doug understanding that she has responsibility and needs to look at everything like a math problem in order not to fall apart emotionally.
      • Doug being such a Converted Fanboy that by this episode he wants to guest star in the show is really cute.
    • Unlike Rob, who is very willing to admit that he'll jump on Doug's every opinion and make him feel bad (he's the only one allowed to do that so it's okay), Jason lets Doug go on a rant about people who need religion in “Wizards Only Fools” and when Doug apologizes, says he's not going to tell him to stop and it's his show so he can have any opinion he wants as long as it's not shitty.
      • The end of the vlog, with Jack and Bri both onscreen, Jori on Jason's lap, and Doug being included “in the whole family”.
    • In “Sky Witch”, Doug totally gushing on how hardcore Bubblegum is, and how much he loves her dark side, her constant use of science, and how she acts like everything is a heavy burden on her and how she's not happy with it but it has to be done.
    Doug: I really like how she's generally positive and speaks scientifically and then do something really messed up and dark. You know, like cutting the legs off the things without even flinching, little things like that are really making me laugh.
    • It's refreshing in “Jake Suit” that both Jason and Doug don't regret their (present for Jason, past for Doug) janitor jobs. Doug doesn't even say that he likes his current job better, he just loved not having to deal with anybody and being alone.
    • With all the hate and accusations of Moral Event Horizon-crossing Bubblegum got in “Apple Wedding” and “Rattleballs”, both vlogs have Jason and Doug being completely on her side without question because the King of Ooo is clearly a fraud for the first and she was protecting her kingdom in the second.
    • Also Doug saying that while he loves the tragic choices she makes, in some episodes there is clearly the less dark option she could take, like reprogramming the robots or having Jake save them. What's nice is that unlike Korra where he and Rob called her the bitch and Bryke amazing despite them creating her like that, he clarifies that he doesn't blame PB but the AT writers, who he respects as well.
    • In “Betty”, Jason kissing Jori on the head when Doug gets pissy at her for not thinking as fast as he does.
    • In “James”, Doug's slightly Knight in Sour Armor belief that even the worst person has something valuable in them and while they might never fish it out in their lifetime, it's still there. Not quite The Pollyanna he once was, but at least he's still got some optimism in him.
    • In “The Tower”, while backtracking somewhat later thanks to Jori's Single-Issue Wonk, his initial impression was feeling good that Bubblegum was so motherly in this episode because she's been having a dark stressful time lately.
    • It's kind of heartwarming, that the first episode Doug and Jason showed Lewis, (Though likely was a coincidence that was the one they happened to be watching that day) was Card Wars. Probably the biggest episode Lewis could personally relate too, as it's all about a Magic: The Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh-ish card game.
    • The ending of “Little Brother”, where because they've caught up and can't do it daily any more, has Doug thanking Jason for being so fun to hang out with, and the whole family for making it such a safe and nice place for him when he's been having such issues elsewhere. Jason likewise thanks Doug for not mocking his love of a cartoon, and being so interesting to talk to.
    • Different from most examples, but in “Thanks For The Crababbles Guiseppe”, Doug's relief that the letters swirling around in his brain are actually forming into the words he wants for once.
    • “Simon and Marcy” has Doug giving the show high praise by saying it segues into drama or comedy even better than some of his other favorite shows, who usually decide what episode they're going to be and stick with it.
    • In “Lemonhope Part One”, Jason thanking the people at Anime Midwest for making an average guy who just wanted to help his friend out feel so welcome.
  • His gushing over Mary Poppins can be seen as one of these, considering he knows it inside-out, having wached it a lot since he was a child, and points out that it holds up both as a film for children, and for adults.
  • Before he rips into the Paranormal Activity spin-off, he does praise the acting in it, stating that the actors are clearly trying their hardest with what they've got to work with and they should get kudos for it.
  • In the Disneycember for Old Yeller, he mentions that he didn't want to see it at first because the ending had been spoiled for him And then goes on to give it huge amounts of praise, saying that it's a great movie even if you do know the ending.
  • His tribute video to Justin Carmical, featuring several of his funniest moments behind the scenes and ending with his heartfelt "I care about you" video. Plus, he specifically uploaded it using Vimeo rather than Blip, so he wouldn't be making any money from it.
    • And when Blip still tried to advertise on it, Mike Michaud got them to cut it out.
  • Rob reminiscing about his childhood while reviewing The Lego Movie.
  • A few months after his pretty terrible post complaining about Feminist Frequency “not being positive enough” he finally got a clue and praised her for always trying to do the right thing.
  • How soft and loving he gets in his Shut Up And Talk interview with Lindsay when he brings up her abortion documentary. They were pretty catty to each other in the donation drive (the interview was filmed after that), but he really does respect her and congratulates her on being so brave.
  • He and Dante Basco met at momocon, and unlike most con pictures he looks genuinely happy there.
  • As weird as it was, it's lovely seeing his nowadays-rare social justice side pop up again in "The Santa Claus" where he worries that kids playing elves (like white people taking POC roles) would take work away from little people who need it more.
  • The joy both Doug and Rob have over the beginning episodes of Korra season 3, declaring that the earlier Seasonal Rot is gone and they're hoping like hell the show can keep up its current quality level.
  • In his Top 10 Hottest Animated Women, Doug is just awesome when he lists his reasons for putting certain female characters on that list. Most of his reasons for finding a fictional character attractive are their personality and character, not just their appearance.
  • Rob posted this picture of Doug hugging their guest liaison at Connecticon , and proceeds to praise her for being one of the few hardworking, and actually responsible, liaisons that they had. He even encourages that other cons and their guest relations should take after her example.
    • Also telling off people who had a job of looking after Doug but felt entitled to his character so just ended up making him feel uncomfortable, a gross sounding problem that you know full well Doug himself would have never made public.
  • In Doug's vlog of the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, he says that even if he didn't like it, he would either lie or meander so much that he wouldn't have to say what his real feelings were.
  • His video on Robin Williams, calling him a one of a kind talent whose like we may never see again, and particularly relating to his "spark of madness" line.
  • While the reasons are probably best left to him, saying that the Sin City world makes him feel like he's home in a good way.
  • Doug and Rob both gushing over the Korra season 4 premiere, perhaps more than they've ever done before for the show. Doug even says his few problems with season 3 are now gone, knowing this is where it was going. And Rob even rebuts the people complaining about Nickelodeon "shoving Korra out the door," saying that at least some good came out of the network's attitude with us getting to see the season so soon.

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