Heartwarming / .hack//G.U.

  • In Redemption, any Promise Card ending that isn't played for laughs.
  • Haseo's relationship with Silabus and Gaspard in general. Initially Haseo finds his Canard guildmates annoying pests, but as the games progress he comes to be extremely protective of them, and they in turn look up to and respect him. Their Friendship Moment during job extension quest in Reminisce in particular springs to mind.
  • When Haseo runs after Atoli in the final main-storyline cutscene. her expression is priceless.
  • This troper personally found it extremely powerful when Aura refers to the Infinity Eight as "Little Children of Morganna." Given how much damage Morganna did to The World in general, and how much grief she caused Aura in particular, this simple gesture of acceptance and forgiveness speaks volumes.