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Heartwarming: don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story
  • Whenever Rooks gives advice to the kids.
  • Nolan charging over to Akira's house after receiving the break-up text in order to put things right, and then staying the entire night to make sure that Akira would be okay. The fact that Nolan showed up at the door in tears over the whole thing makes it double as a Tear Jerker. Nolan, you really do care.
    • Assuming Charlotte and Kendall aren't encouraged to get back together, it's Nolan and Akira who are the absentees after the dance. And whose profile picture changes from a 'single' image to a picture of the two of them together? Nolan's.
  • Charlotte and Kendall getting back together. Kendall's ecstatic texts to Akira are nothing short of adorable.
    • For those of you you haven't gotten that far, Charlotte goes to Kendall's house in the pouring rain, stands outside her bedroom window and shouts about how much she loves Kendall.
  • Despite the Squick of the relationship, Rook and Arianna have some scenes with this. Epically the texts between Arianna and Taylor, with Arianna saying she feels a lot better watching TV with Rook.
  • A Mythology Gag one but still. If you play Digital: A Love Story learning that the Shinigami is actually the daughter of your character from the game. It means that s/he eventually got over the death *Emile and was able to start a family.
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