Heartwarming / Disney's Anne Frank

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Anne's reunion with her father.
  • Private Ludvig's apology to Anne at the end.
    • That's nothing compared to when his soul moves on and is reunited with his mother in the afterlife. Aside from the good guys, Ludvig is potentially the most rounded character in the movie, being designed for comedy relief but also having a tragic past he subconsciously wants to find again and a triumphant awesome moment at the end.
  • In an odd way, the sight of Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and the upper-echelon of the Nazis singing "It's Tough At The Top" linked arm in arm is quite touching. It's a shame the moment gets killed by what comes next...
  • Anne and Margot holding hands through the bars and reflecting on the moon outside the narrow window. It may have been Disney's B team, but they did a terrific job with Margot's doting expression.
    Margot: The last time it was that full, Mom told me I was getting a baby sister.
  • The two Nazi guard dogs Anne manages to befriend at Auschwitz, who were shown being abused by their masters. She is so kind to them that they turn on the guards to let Anne escape, and later join the fight against the zombies.
  • Marie-Rose encouraging Anne not to give up when all seems lost and she's within moments of death: