Heartwarming: Disney Ducks Comic Universe

Take a look here for moments focusing on Donald Duck.

Carl Barks's Comics
  • The ending of Ten-Dollar Dither is a definite CMOH. Huey, Dewey and Louie have found a ten-dollar bill, and over the course of the story Donald (in an honest mood, and telling the boys that there may be a finder's reward in it for them) tries to find the original owner and goes through some of the worst abuse ever from people who claim the money is theirs and try to get to it. At the end, though, the money turns out to belong to a poor little girl who's ecstatic to have her money back because it means she can buy food. Donald tells the boys that since she couldn't give them any reward, he'll give them one instead — and they refuse, saying that seeing the girl so happy was reward enough.
  • In Barks's first Grandma Duck story, Huey, Dewey and Louie mistakenly believe that Grandma is broke and in danger of losing her farm, and so they donate all their favorite belongings to her, telling her she can sell them and maybe be able to pay her debts.

Don Rosa's Comics
  • The ending of A Little Something Special, especially if you have read the Life and Times.
  • Don Rosa's "A Letter From Home" where Scrooge, Donald and the triplets find the treasure of the Knights Templar underneath Scrooge's family's castle in Scotland. His estranged sister Matilda is there, angry with him for always putting money before family. However, Scrooge is unsuccessful at keeping the Jerkass Façade on (in one point stepping in front of Matilda to prevent from getting shot), and in the end he confesses to Matilda that he feels he will never be as rich as Donald, who has three nephews who adore him.
  • Secret of Sampo is one CMOH directed at Don Rosa's Finnish fans.
    • At the end of that same story, Väinämöinen gives Scrooge a choice: leave with him and enjoy eternal prosperity, or stay on Earth where a "lost love" (implied to be Goldie) still awaits him. Even though the choice visibly hurts him, Scrooge does not even hesitate one second in choosing Earth.
  • Yet another Don Rosa moment that deserves mention is The Dream of a Lifetime in which the Beagle Boys invade Scrooge's dreams to get him to tell the combinations to the locks, and Donald going in after them to prevent this from happening. After many amusing scenes of Scrooge dreaming about his dramatic past and Donald managing to kick out the Beagle Boys, he manages to change the outcome of Scrooge's "Klondike dream" where Scrooge is hit on the head and faints before he can save Goldie. Thanks to Donald and the Beagle Boys messing it up, it leaves Scrooge with a chance he never got in life - to spend that night with Goldie after rescuing her. Donald is kicked out of his dream, and Gyro Gearloose and the nephews want to wake their uncle up. However, Donald stops them.
    Donald: No! Don't! Wait! This brain-invasion messed up a lot of Uncle Scrooge's dreams, but it changed the course of one PARTICULAR dream —- the one he's having right now!
    Gyro: Look at that smile! Is he finding fabulous treasure?
    Donald: Treasure? Yes, you might say it's a treasure for which he's been searching for 50 years, and he's finally found it... if only in his dreams. So let him sleep. Anything we have to say can wait until morning.
    • In the same story, Donald meets his mother when she was a baby in one of Scrooge's dreams and he's overjoyed. It's amusing but heartwarming as well.
  • What is Scrooge's most prized possession? All the money in his money bin (and the memories stored therein)? His Number One Dime? His Goose Egg Gold Nugget? The answer: a lock of Goldie's hair, from the events of The Prisoner of White Agony Creek.

  • Several stories have Huey, Dewey and Louie lamenting that their uncle is such a screw-up compared to just about everyone else and try to turn him into a bigger success. Whether they succeed or not depends on the story, but one such story had them complaining to each other about Donald's many flaws — only to suddenly realize that no matter if Donald is a big success or not, he still takes care of them, cooks for them, makes sure they're clothed and happy, and on the whole uses a lot more money on them than he does on himself. Cue guilt and a resolve to start appreciating their uncle a little more in the future.
    • Otherwise, sometimes Donald is offered a job that will make him rich and popular, but he rejects it just so that he can take care of his nephews.
  • One of the "special extras" in the weekly italian comics regarded the homes of various characters. Each one has a peculiar "secret" that that character hides. To name a few:
    • Donald keeps a secret stash of money for his nephews in his garden's tree. Considering that Donald is tormented by a multitude of creditors...
    • Scrooge keeps a wallet with the charitable donations he did.
    • Rockerduck has a giant portrait of himself and the label "The Number One". Except that it can rotate to show a portrait of Scrooge instead.
    • Magica De Spell has the fairy outfit from when she was a little girl.