Heartwarming / Discotek Media

  • Their method of releasing Samurai Pizza Cats and Monster Rancher: releasing the original japanese dubs with english subtitles and the edited english dubs separately, giving anime purists the original version and giving the audience who enjoyed the shows as children the version they grew up on.
  • Anytime they swoop in and license a show that has been out of print for years.
  • The rescuing of Cyborg 009, Blue Submarine No. 6, Ronin Warriors, and IGPX Immortal Grand Prix count as this for Toonami fans.
    • The DVD rerelease for IGPX will feature at least three different versions of the TV series (the original version with japanese and english audio, and the Toonami broadcast version), four different versions of the original Microseries, and interviews of the cast and crew who worked on the show among other things. After the show got written off by Cartoon Network and the Bandai Entertainment DVDs went out of print, its both heartwarming and awesome to see such an extensive and respectable rerelease for an underappreciated show.
  • With the rescuing of the american Street Fighter cartoon, fans have started clamoring for Discotek to also rescue more shows of its kind, such as Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm and the american Darkstalkers cartoon. It's very touching, considering the reputation these shows tend to have.