Heartwarming / Dino Attack RPG

  • Any scene with Andrew and Pterisa. Bonus points when Zachary, Amanda, or Dr. Cyborg are added into the scene. Her greatest fear was rejection from society and yet these people feel no shame in accepting her. Good Feels Good, indeed.
    • Andrew and Pterisa discussing their futures during the LEGO Island New Year's celebration has to be given special mention.
  • Somehow, Dust's death managed to be awesome, saddening, and heartwarming all at once. The heartwarming aspect probably has to do with Dust's teammates, who were turning away from him only moments before, rushing to his aid despite everything he had done, and Dust confessing that it was an honor knowing Rockford. The prose even notes that it was surprising that Dust did not die alone.
  • Minerva Fabello finally recognizes her mother, Athena, just before the latter passes away.
  • Andrew's You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Rex. It was exactly what the hero with major self-esteem issues needed to hear at that moment.
  • Zenna's T-1 Typhoon was the one from which Viper fired the Einstein Device, while a T-2 Typhoon helped in the battle against Dr. Rex. After the battle, Hertz christens the T-2 Typhoon Rex and, knowing exactly what it was that motivated Rex's selfless sacrifice, names Zenna's T-1 Typhoon Amanda.