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Heartwarming: Diamond In The Rough
Added based on the reactions of test viewers. Heartwarming Moments from released episodes will be out in the open. Heartwarming Moments from the movie will be in a separate folder.

In-Series Moments of Heartwarming:

  • Ignoring the consequences of his actions, the montage of Brolli using his powers for pure unadulterated Wish Fulfillment.
  • Early on, there are moments where you might feel like Brolli can possibly change, such as Marisa and Patcholi finding out that one of his abilities is "self-awareness", and some of his actions arguably show this, such as eventually seeming to genuinely care about Reisen. Too bad what follows cannot be avoided.
  • In episode 11. Marisa punches Brolli, when he badmouthed Reimu and claimed that Marisa hated her, stating that even if she is her rival, Reimu is also her best friend. And that even with her selfish tendencies, Marisa would give her life to protect the balance of Gensokyo. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • In episode 12. Brolli thanks Nitori for all the help she has given him and hugs her. He even refuses Lepus advice to take advantage of her when she is emotionally vulnerable.


Meta Moments of Heartwarming:

  • Despite making a movie to ruthlessly tear down Colonel Diamondback's videos, Spaztique and Colonel Diamondback ended up not just becoming friends, but the two ended up introducing eachother to the rest of the Walfas community, who now have a doujin group together. Furthermore, some of the people who've been watching Diamond In The Rough's previews are now hanging out with the real Diamondback and Spaztique.
  • During production of Episode 13, the entire Ustream and Raidcall audience cheered on Flandre during her battle with the Diamondback beasts.
    MindOFCorruption97 gives Flandre bombs
    DeityDiz93: I so badly want Flandre to win, even though I know she won't...
  • The voice chat helped co-op an alternate final shot for the ending. Instead of Brolli just staring into the light, wondering, "Who am I?", Komachi hugs Brolli and tells him, for his bravery to sacrifice himself to save Gensokyo and end the Gappy era, "You are different." The final shots fades to white on Komachi hugging Brolli.
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