Heartwarming / Devin Townsend

  • A minor one, but Ziltoid keeping a picture of himself with his wife and child on his desk in ZTV 2 is pretty sweet.
  • So much of his solo work is full of these:
    • "Universal Flame" from Z2 finishes with a truly inspiring verse.
    Though you feel you're far gone
    Never to love again
    Remember to have faith now
    The sun will rise again!
    • His son requested that he close the Royal Albert Hall concert with this song, and you can tell that Devin, his son and everyone else in the building is absolutely loving it.
    • From the same album, "Before We Die".
    You shall be always with me
    You'll be the light that guided me through
    And we may see each other soon
    This is not goodbye...
    • The whole of "Divine" from Epicloud.
    • This verse sung by the choir at the end of Epicloud.
    So you will know by the light
    Your hands and all that they write
    Take comfort in knowing your fears are gone
    Fears be gone, I believe in love!
  • The utter joy on Devin's face throughout the whole Royal Albert Hall concert. He's having the time of his life and it's obvious he just wants to jump into the audience and give everyone a hug.
    • Towards the end of the concert, Devin gives this simple yet very heartelt speech:
    "I wanna tell ya, honestly this is not some hippy bullshit, but really, I've been doing this for twenty five years and that's why we do this. You guys can do this, too. So, if you're in a band, just keep at it. And you know what? Worse shit has happened to better people, just keep doing it guys, 'cause it's worth it. You have to be compromised with your team, man. You gotta have great people around you. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you so much for this night!"
    • "Dimension Z". As the narrator says, it's the whole world singing together in celebration of their survival of the poozer invasion.
  • "From The Heart" off Transcendence is made of this.