* When Holmes is ill, he has nothing but time on his hands and takes to remembering his past. It's a "scene" that goes back and forth between heartwarming and TearJerker (as are much of the sentimental, etc. moments of the book).
** Regarding InspectorLestrade:
--> He suspects he owes Lestrade his life several times over. He once contracted pneumonia himself, and [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Lestrade took him in and saw to it that he survived.]] The professional detective watched out for his amateur colleague with [[ParentalSubstitute an almost fatherly air,]] despite the amateur's [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold caustic tongue and secretive personality.]]
* As is not an ''un''common in Sherlockian FanFic, Holmes's memories reveal that he once had a sweetheart. The one flashback featuring Anne Middleton is bittersweet, because the reader already knows that Annie died before the events of ''A Study in Scarlet''.
--> Nearly thirteen years later, he lay shivering on a floor as cold and hard as that tombstone and dreamt of her, his exhausted mind finding solace in memories of younger, brighter days.
* Though Mycroft is an AloofBigBrother in terms of plot dynamics, he is by no means aloof in characterization. He gets a ManlyTears[=/=]HeroicBSOD moment in the mortuary when he believes his brother dead, recalls Sherlock's childhood with fondness, shows himself to be NotSoStoic when examining a ravaged murder victim, gets comforted by Mrs. Hudson, and hovers protectively around his invalid brother. Really, ''Mortality'' could be considered a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming for a character who rarely gets heartwarming moments inside and out of the Canon.


* When the author finally started working on Mrs. Hudson's characterization, it was with a TearJerker one-shot which revealed that she regarded Literature/SherlockHolmes as [[LikeASonToMe the child she never had]].
* The ''A Mother's Heart'' collection (two stories only at the time of this writing) is family fluff all the way, a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming for the Watson family.
* The Yarders regarding Watson as one of them. Cue those ''awww'''s!
* In the first tenth of ''One Hundred Sentences'', Holmes's implicit trust in Watson during the events of "The Adventure of the Empty House": ''no evil would touch him while Watson stood guard.''.
* ''One Hundred Sentences'' was written before Season 2 of ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' was released, but the following sentence bears a strong resemblance to ''[[Recap/SherlockS02E03TheReichenbachFall The Reichenbach Fall]]'':
-->It was not fear for [Holmes's] own skin that kept him silent to Watson's cries at Reichenbach it was fear for the life of the "best and wisest man" he'd ever known.
* Going completely against the author's tendency to make a TearJerker out of Holmes's time in Tibet is ''this'':
-->The newspaper clipping announcing the birth of Arthur Sherlock Watson left him happier than he'd been since he could not remember when, and, for the first time in a long time, he went to sleep with an untroubled conscience, knowing that his ruse was keeping a baby boy safe, thousands of miles away.
* Just the running mentions of Wiggins throughout ''One Hundred Sentences'', as he sticks with Watson throughout the Hiatus years.
* The happily-ever-after of ''One Hundred'':
-->The problem of how their relationship would go on haunted them merely for a matter of days after Holmes's return, for they were swiftly swept back into the unfinished war and in the process, [[ThePowerOfFriendship a fresh and stronger bond]] [[FireForgedFriends was forged]] between them, a new understanding, and it continued to the end of their days.