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  • Several scenes during Snake's cancer treatment, but two that stand out are his reunion with Wheels, when they go bowling and Wheels comforts him. The second is during "Holiday," when the class presents him with an Elvis wig.
  • When Fiona comes out to her Mom.
  • The webisodes "I won't forget" and "Six Months" (which also double as tearjerkers).
  • The entire school applauding Holly J. for saving Spinner's life at the Black and White Dance. Even Bruce congratulates her.
  • Ashley gets a surprising number of CMOH's; the three that stand out though, include:
    • At the very end of Season 2's "Shout", when she comforts Paige after Paige reveals to her that she was raped.
    • Giving Craig her grandfather's guitar. It's a beautiful steeltop her grandfather played in the 1940s.
    • Her performance in the Elvis impersonation contest, and the The conversation she has with her mom at the end of Season 3's "I Want Candy".
    • During the Season 5 finale, when she and Jimmy start dating again. The conversation goes something like the following:
      Jimmy: (after being rejected by Ellie) "I should've known. Who would want to date a cripple, anyway?" (begins to wheel away in his wheelchair)
      Ashley: (stops his wheelchair) "I would."
  • Jimmy comforting Marco after he'd been gay-bashed. It made me all choked up.
    • Jimmy during that entire episode was a CMOH. When Spinner is writing homophobic slurs against Marco on the bathroom wall and Jimmy sees it, he says to Spinner, "Are you going to write something about me being black?"
  • The last shot of "Time Stands Still", with Emma embracing a distraught Toby.
  • Paige comforting Ellie when she learns that Ellie has been cutting herself in "Whisper To A Scream".
  • KC and his mother asking Jenna to move into their apartment.
  • Clare comforting Darcy after Adams is arrested. Darcy's concerned that people will find out about the lewd pictures and make fun of her. Clare's response?
    "If they do, I'll punch them."
  • Sean and Ellie on the roof in "Take On Me":
    Sean: "You'e not scared of me?"
    Ellie: "Nope. You're not freaked by me?"
    Sean: "Nope."
    Ellie: (rolls up her sleeve, revealing her self-inflicted cuts) Are you freaked now?
    (Sean, silently, runs his fingers down her arm and takes her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers).
  • Riley bidding on Zane at the date auction.
  • After Clare reads Eli's play and realizes she misjudged it.
    Clare: I read your play. It was beautiful.
    Eli: Thanks. I made some changes.
    Clare: You made Clara the hero.
    Eli: That's because she is the hero.
  • Bianca was basically a fountain of CMOH's during Dead and Gone Pt.1 & 2, and heck, Season 11 as a whole. Also, in that episode, Mama Torres gets one herself at the end, when she agrees to help Bianca out with the legal battles that are about to ensue.
  • The last four episodes of Season 11. Seriously. The writers did a fantastic send off to the seniors that had this troper tearing up a bit. Specifically, though, Holly J, Fiona, Anya, and Chantay's interactions. There's also a great moment in Dead and Gone where Anya and Sav both climb onto Holly J's hospital bed. It's so simple, but so sweet.
  • An example relating to the cast, rather than the show: For a while it seemed like Aubrey Graham had just kind of... forgotten about his Degrassi past. He was even on a show called When I Was 17... where he made no mention of Degrassi, despite the fact, ya know, THAT'S WHAT HE WAS DOING AT 17. He wasn't even following any of the cast members on twitter, either. Lately, though, things have changed. He started following Lauren Collins, Stacey Farber, Ryan Cooley, Cassie Steele, Stephen Stohn, and Stefan Brogren on twitter. And then this picture was posted on Stacey Farber's twitter account in late August. Oh, Aubrey...
  • If you are a fan of Bianca, Hollaback Girl (Part 1) is full of these. It truly shows how much this character has developed since Season 10, to the point where she pulls away from a kiss she clearly wanted because she knows it's wrong. Bianca. Pulled. Away. From. A. Kiss. She. Wanted. Because. It. Was. Wrong. Also a happy Tear Jerker for most Bianca fans, because she's all grown up now. (And it looks as though Mature Bianca is here to stay.)
    • Also if you are a fan of the Drianca relationship, this episode and from the looks of it part 2, looks like they never really stopped loving each other...
  • Another Bianca one- when she finds Campbell a sobbing wreck in the girls' bathroom, so consumed by his anxieties that until she accused him of being a perv and he looked up and saw the tampon dispenser he didn't realize he was in the wrong bathroom, she quickly shifts gears, listens to his problems and gives him the support and advice he needs.
  • Rounding out the Bianca/Drianca Trifecta with the proposal scene in Sabotage pt.2. Yes, things don't really pan out well for happy couples but considering the growth Bianca and Drew (yes, he HAS grown okay) have shown through their behaviors before and during All Falls Down to now and how much they really do want to spend the rest of their lives together and how seriously they take this and how in love they are and how they've become better people as a result of what they've been through. Here's hoping that they get to stay happy and things work out.
  • Owen telling Tristan that he loves him.
  • Tori's apology speech at the Miss Millennial Pageant.
  • Drew asking Adam to be his best man.
  • The scene where Cam spent the night at Maya's house, complete with Maya sharing the story of Hoot, the stuffed animal she's had since she was little. Later, Cam has to leave early for hockey practice, but he leaves her a video message, thanking her for the best night he's ever had and revealing he "kidnapped Hoot" with an Evil Laugh. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight, though, considering what happens at the end of the episode...
  • Zig's apology to Tori, Maya, his french teacher, and for what he said to Cam at in "Karma Police."
  • The final scene of the season 7 finale where recently graduated Emma, Toby, Liberty, and Manny go to the courtyard dedicated to JT, place a graduate cap in front of a framed picture of him, and move the tassel to the left.
  • So, so many in "Time of My Life", but Jake and Mo's plans to stay friends after graduation really takes the car. On a lesser note, Jake and Katie and Eli and Clare getting back together.
  • "You Are Not Alone" has a big one near the end. When Winston goes outside, Frankie throws off her robe, revealing herself in a pink bikini, which causes a stunned Winston to fall into the pool. She pulls him out, and at first he's mad, thinking she wore the bikini to distract him, but when he tells her she's been trying to make him look dumb all week, she says that she never thought he was a loser, and she wanted him to see the MASH game. They kiss in the pool, and say "Miles can never know about this" before they kiss again. All as Fitz and the Tantrums' "Out of my League" plays in the background. Very, very cute.
  • Zig and Maya's first time properly making love at the end of "#yesmeansyes".
  • Miles comforting Hunter stopping him from shooting up the school in #sorrynotsorry.
  • Zoë finally admitting her lesbianism out loud to Winston in #OMFG. Winston's reaction to it was also very sweet.
  • There's a small moment in Season 7's "Sweet Child O' Mine" where Mia asks Liberty if she can take some of the leftover party supplies from an upcoming dance for her daughter Isabella's birthday. Liberty agrees and even lets her know where some extra supplies are, causing Mia to call her a lifesaver and give her a hug. Considering the history between the two regarding JT and Mia keeping and raising a child as a teen being a sore spot for Liberty in the past (as Liberty gave her and JT's son up for adoption), it's very sweet to see them on good terms.

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