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Heartwarming: Death Of The Family
  • The Teen Titans come to Gotham City to help out Tim Drake. The dialogue makes it clear that they are basically kids, they have never been to Gotham before, and that they really have no idea what they're getting into. The fact that they came anyway shows how much they care about Tim.
  • Bruce's dream in Batman #15. He imagines himself waking up, surrounded by Dick, Jason, Barbara, Tim, and Damian, with Dick reassuring him that Jason captured (not killed) the Joker and freed Alfred— and later, when the Joker attacks, he imagines Jason pulling Tim out of the way and shielding him. Because whatever else happens, Bruce loves Jason, considers him a fundamentally good person, and wants him to be part of the family.
  • Damian talking to Titus about what he should do. He really does love that dog now.
  • Arsenal's inner monologue giving Bunker the glowing endorsement of "You watch, he'll be in the Justice League before he's twenty."
  • Tim stating that, despite what's happened between them in the past, that Jason's the closest thing to an actual brother he's got and that there's no-one else he'd rather face the Joker with.
  • After everything that has transpired, Bruce arranges a family meeting, which only he attends, because everyone else is too emotionally and physically exhausted to attend... Everyone except for Dick, who is right outside Wayne Manor. Dick's ability to shrug off everything that happened to him in the last few days, particularly losing Haley's Circus, for his family, is really heartwarming, especially since Bruce doesn't even know he's out there.
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