Heartwarming / Deadwood

  • In "Unauthorized Cinnamon", the scene where Al confronts Doc Cochran about the Doc's illness, ending with the great swatch-throw. Who'd have thought a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming — or, in this instance, Heartbreaking — could be delivered in a furious roar?
  • Al watching Jewell and Doc dancing in the final shot of the first season. Probably the sweetest look coming from him, ever.
  • The scene where Reverend Smith shows up at Star and Bullock Hardware frightened and confused and Sol and Seth let him know that he's among friends
  • After letting Dan spend two episodes showing extreme resentment toward Adams, Al finally sits Dan down and tells him that, as useful as Adams has been, he trusts Dan to be with him to the end. Whether its a lie to ensure Dan keeps working or not, it was a nice thing to say.
  • The scene where Charlie shares a few laughs with Dan, Johnny and Adams at the Gem Saloon, after Ellsworth was killed.