Heartwarming / Darkstalkers

  • Victor's ending in the third game, where he sacrifices himself to grant Emily enough electricity to bring her back to life. The game even notes he was still smiling as she woke up.
  • The end of the OVA. Due to the actions of Donovan, Anita finally gets to experience happiness. This motivates him to continue searching for his own happiness as well.
  • Whenever Huiztil is on the recieving end of a Super Move, a barrier appears around Cecil to protect him.
    • Two of Huitzil's win poses involve him crouching down so Cecil can climb unto his hand. In one, the kid hugs the big robot and then sits on his hand with a smile. In the second, he slips and falls back. Huitzil looks slightly worried until Cecil starts laughing. In both of them they really display their Little Guy, Big Buddy relationship.
  • Morrigan comforting Lilith after the latter challenges her to a fight and loses. As Morrigan monologues about their mysterious connection, Lilith returns to their body.
  • Victor's endings in the first and second game. While he learns the tough truth that Professor Von Gerdenheim is dead, he learns he has an older sister in the form of Emily.