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    Main Series 

  • In Griffon's Goblet, after a quietly emotional scene in which a depressed and drunk Storm Talon makes it clear that he blames himself for Daren Do's disappearance, Daring simply places a kind hoof over Storm's good claw, which has been digging into the table while Storm tries to repress his grief. Without even saying a word, she shows Storm that she doesn't blame him in the slightest for her father's disappearance. Of course, Storm and the not-quite-dead Daren finally getting some closure between the two of them in Curse of the Yeti (listed below), is a Heartwarming moment all on it's own.
  • The end of Curse of the Yeti.
    Daring: (hurt) Well, everyone has been released at last. You're going to go back into hiding like you said, so go. You got your end of those little pieces of treasure back from whence you came, at any rate!
    Daren: (stone-faced) …no. I have my li'le treasure... right here.
    • The stageplay does it one better: they add a sweeping Colttish soundtrack under this scene, which only enhances it!
    • In fact, any Do Family togetherness moment.
    • A muted one, but when Daren and Storm Talon meet again.
    Storm Talon looked down at his drink, barely able to look the pony in the eyes. So long ago he had stormed off in anger over some thing he couldn't even remember. A friendship ruined because he was too proud and angry. He had so trivially rejected his best friend, only to come face-to-face with him again so many years later. It had haunted him. Taking a deep swig of his salt-laden beverage, he turned to his former friend and spoke, "Look, I'm too bucking old to hold a grudge. So here's something I should have said a long time ago: I'm sorry."
    The old pony looked the griffon, downed his own mug, put his hoof of the griffon's shoulder and said, "You managed to be there for my kids these last few years while I wasn't. That's worth far more to me than any apology, old friend."
    • The scene toward the end of Curse of the Yeti, featuring Daren Do, Storm Talon, and Ghoul Dachshund sitting around a table at a bar, just talking and reminiscing. It's the first time they've really been able to talk together since Daren's disappearance, and it's nice to see these old friends talk and catch up. Especially poignant after learning about exactly what happened to split up their little cadre of explorers, back even before Daren disappeared- it's obvious that they miss the three friends that could not join them- even Winchester Tock, despite his Face–Heel Turn.
    • And when Daring's father learns that she blames herself for Zapapple Tock's death:
    Daring: If I hadn't left for a moment…
    Daren: There would have been nothing you could have done; you would both have been killed. And there was no way you could have known.
  • Any scene with Daring and her younger brother Darrin. Daring drops the "tough-filly adventurer" facade and becomes older sister to a loved younger brother.
  • The Wooden Mask was some serious Nightmare Fuel. But it did allow for one of the sweetest moments between Herpy and Daring when he snapped her out of its control.
    Herpy You're really going to do this, right? You do this and you will lose everything. Do you remember... when that yeti came down to the University? We were all trapped in the labs. You were the only thing standing between us and death. Everyone was scared out of their wits…But not me. Not me, Daring. Because you were there. I knew that I was going to live that day because the great Daring Do was there to protect us. That's why I came with you on this insane quest. Everyone said I was going to die but I didn't believe them because I was with you… (close to tears) I guess they were right.
    Daring (Slowly taking off the mask) …No, they weren't.
    • Honestly, pretty much all the Ship Tease moments between Daring and Herpy could be considered this. For all the flirting that goes on between Bravado and Daring, the moments shared between her and Herpy simply feels more warm and heartfelt. And then there's The Ring of the Marengeti
      • Even though people disagree a lot about the Expanded Universe, Door of Time reaches one agreement among most fans: It is implied at several points that the two are happily married in the future.
  • Daring and Derring's eventual reconciliation in Platinum Crown.
  • Daring helping her sister out of her Mareton-induced Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • Swinn and Dell's last scene in Cove of Candles is short and adorable. The two have been at odds throughout the book, having argued, outright disowned each other, and refusing to speak to each other. Daring worries if they'll ever reconcile, after the hurtful things they had said to each other. However, during the final battle with Blackmane's crew, Dell saves Swinn's life without the slightest second of hesitation. At the end of the novel, the two are riding off into the sunset on their mechanized wagon.
    Dell looked off at the passing scenery besides them. The only sound that could be heard was the signature creaking and clanking of the wagon's gears.
    "Hey, Swinn?"
    "Yeah, Dell?"
    "I'm sorry."
    "I know. I'm sorry too."
    There was a long pause.
    "Love ya, Swinnie."
    "Love ya too, Delly."
    Neither of them said anything more as the wagon creaked towards the next town, and day turned into night. Neither of them had to.
  • As Nagridge is buried, Daring relays what was almost certainly an apology to Okpono. His reply?
    "I already have forgiven
    "As grudges make bad living."
    • And in Ring of the Marengeti, he defends Roanland Nagridge from a former exchange student with a grudge.
    "This stallion here is not as his aunt was.
    "And you know ties of kindred call for love.
    "To love a kinsmare only if she's good
    "Means that one does not love her like one should."
  • In Temple of Nightmare Moon, Hawkwings gets in Mareton's face to let Silvia (his heavily-implied illegitimate daughter) get away. He basically subjects himself to being choked, needing him to be rescued by Platinius, adding some depth to a character that mostly exists to be an obstruction.
  • He may be a vicious monster, but he won't abandon his pack. Cue the second Rex vs. Ahuizotl fight.
    Ahuizotl (about to bash Digg's head against a rock): I can't believe you would defend this weak, simpering idiot!
  • Towards the end of Staff of Star Swirl, Daring debates whether or not she should tell Linnet Bird (who has been Happily Adopted by the Bloom family) that her birth father was the serial killer Sweeney Trot and her birth mother is dead. She finally decides on "yes," but then this happens:
    Daring: Linnet, there's something you need to know.
    Linnet Bird: Sure, what is it?
    Mr. Bloom: Linnie! Time for supper!
    Linnet Bird: One second, Daddy! I'm talking to Daring!
    Mr. Bloom: Just be inside before it gets too dark!
    Linnet Bird: (giggles) Oh, Dad, you worry too much! Okay, I'll be in soon…Sorry, Daring, what was it?
    Daring: …you know…I don't think it's so important after all. I'll see ya around, Linnet.
    (after Linnet's left)
    Herpy: Why didn't you tell her about her dad?
    Daring: She already has one.
    • Even after all these years, Sweeney keeps a photo of his daughter and a photo of his wife on him at all times.
    "Two prettiest mares in the city, those two were…"
  • The ending of Trials of Unity.
  • Spear of the Windigos has a rare moment between the members of Dr. Caballeron’s team. Snazzy Shades is still badly shaken by what he was forced to do by the Windigo possessing him, and begs forgiveness from Interrobang (the pony he injured the most) and Dr. Caballeron (whose necklace he stole). The two reassure him that the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, and that as long as he doesn’t do anything that stupid again, they’re willing to keep him on the team. And then Rough Stuff interrupts them to tell them that they’re all idiots and there’s no reason to let Snazzy stay, only for Interrobang to remind him they’d still all be in jail and never even had a chance to find the Spear of the Windigos if Snazzy hadn’t been there to help them break out.
  • The Ring of the Marengeti, Roanland Nagridge finds Page and Header, who have been on the run since the end of Temple of Nightmare Moon and have been captured by the authorities.
    Roanland: Do you ever miss her?
    Header: If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be in jail!
    Roanland: But do you miss her?
    Page and Header: …Yeah.
    • They help him deal with the stigma of being related to professor Nagridge, since they were her closest friends near the end.
  • At Bravado's funeral at the end of Seven-Sided Chest, Daring is trying to give the eulogy, but cannot for her uncontrollable sobbing. In a Call-Back to Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded, Herpy reads it for her.

    Expanded Universe 
  • In Cave of Secrets, Daring's speeches to Feather and Storm Strike qualify.
    Feather: I don't even know why I'm here.
    Daring: Because you and your friends were handpicked by the Dean. Listen, I know I was rough on you before, but...
    Feather: No, seriously. Poppy, Thorn, Vellum? Best of the best. Top of their class. Doug? He's...he's just Doug, OK? Ah think Ah was just invited along because Ah was friends with Doug. Ah didn't earn my way here.
    Daring: Feather, I want you to listen. I don't believe in molly-coddling, and I don't believe in sugarcoating the facts. So when I say that you are a driven, hardworking young mare despite your flaws, you can believe me. If you were really a coward, you wouldn't have mad it this far.
    Feather: No, didn't you see? They practically bribed me.
    Daring: Well then who was that pony who made it through with me and Storm Strike? Who did that without any of her friends holding her hoof? Who was decent to Storm despite everything that's happened?
    Feather: Erm, about that-
    Daring: Feather, don't you understand? That was you. There is a reason you are here.
  • The Valley of Grouchy, Daring removes a bone stuck in Grouchy's throat, causing the T. Rex to become grateful and forgive her for insulting his intelligence earlier. He then helps her save Derring from Hammond.
  • At the end of Amber of the Smooze, Desert Rose puts in the good word for Gypsy Bard, allowing her to adopt the two orphaned foals who seem to instinctively recognize her.
    • Even if she's a deranged Colt member trying to bring about the end of the world, Charity still loves her sister and is furious when Princess Sparkler uses her as a demon host.
  • Although the Steelclad Sorcerer's relationship with his new "sister" begins rather poorly, after some time you can see he's warming up to the idea of having a sibling. Good to know behind all that steel is a a heart of gold. Or platinum, as the case may be.
    • Or when he finds out Sweetie Bottle's situation, and decided he wouldn't have a fellow construct feeling miserable over the lack of a soul, something that, in his eyes, doesn't mean a thing. Although it's rather difficult to see initially, as he blames the university staff for making her feel so worthless, which makes him so damn angry it isn't funny anymore, and unleash a rather scathing tirade.
      • Despite his broken wings and half-dazed from the pain and the painkillers, Storm mounts a defense against Claddie, reminding him that it was Charity that instilled in Sweetie Bottle the idea that golems were soulless automatons to fuel her delusions that the original Sweetie Bottle was still alive, that those faculty members who were involved did everything they could, and that they got their friends back in the town where the Colt of Smooze was set up to deal with the situation as best they could. Even heavily battered and almost completely out of it, Storm still refuses to let Claddie treat his friends like crap.
      • After his talk with Sweetie (which also qualifies for this), Claddie comes back and, for the first time in the series, apologizes for his outburst. He even thanks Storm Talon for calling him out.
      • The Marksmare's sheer joy at the prospect of having a potential adoptive (in some sense) sister is also D'aww-inducing.
    • Tabula's Anger Born of Worry at Rayback after he returns with Storm and Ghoul from the Blank Village, since he had snuck into their luggage against her wishes. She's simultaneously hugging him, crying tears of happiness, and scolding him for sneaking off like that.
    • Ghoul placing his personal gem load at Mitta's grave for helping them escape.
    • When Herpy wakes up after surviving the Hoof-Held Cannon's shot. While Mareton and Claddie have a little chat in the background, Daring gives him a bone-crushing hug, still in tears after witnessing her friend's apparent death, while Herpy assures that he's not going anywhere. And the fans went wild.
    • The Assembler of all entities having a Pet the Dog moment with Desert Rose, after it learns that its army mistook her for the Leader of the Colt of Smooze. Of course, it's somewhat off-put by the Assembler's subsequent warning her to abandon the hunt for Steam Whistle's inventions, and to not make him regret sparing her during the purge of the Colt.
    The Assembler: I apologize for their actions against you. I have fought that particular waste of flesh, and you are confirmed to not be her. Your actions helped to purge this world of a grave evil. For this, I am grateful.
    • Desert Rose in turn stands up for the Colt members that it brutally murdered. She of all ponies knows how hard Smooze corruption is to fight and that even if they posed a danger to the world, if absolutely necessary, they deserved a Mercy Kill, not some excuse for a supposedly emotionless automaton to indulge its sadistic side.
    • Swinn and Dell aiding the Canterlot Guard during their defense of Manehattan against Krastos's demon army. Without the slightest moment of hesitation, they abandon this terrific sales opportunity to hand out the spears they were going to sell for free.
    • Any scenes between Short Stuff and her adoptive parents, Professor Ed and his wife. It's made abundantly clear that they love her to bits, and she is very happy to be with them.
    • The very last scene of Tinker's Seal: after all's said and done, the creations destroyed, Krastos and the Assembler defeated for good, and all of the ponies who have helped out over the course of the story, Herpy is seen sitting in the campus quad, watching the sun set. Daring trots along and plops down next to him. They sit for a few moments, then Daring silently wraps her front leg around Herpy's shoulders and just pulls him close.
  • Many of the flashbacks with Earth Song in The Obsidian Sentinel. The best might have to be the song he writes for her to try and capture her affections. It works.
    • The ending has Earth Song and Star Shimmer reuniting after months of Star Shimmer believing him to be dead, and him singing their special song to help console her. The lyrics make it even more heartwarming because they pretty much came true.
    Your radiance is greater than Celestia's sun
    The brilliant light of love gleams from afar
    If shadows cloud my way, I know you'll shine for me
    I know you'll lead me home, my guiding star
  • Daring and Alternate Zapapple's Bear Hug upon seeing each other in Universal Cracks. This is quickly followed by a very emotional scene as the two Mares repeatedly apologize for letting their Universe's version of each other die.
    • Claddie and the Marksmare's reaction to meeting Sweetie Bottle. They promptly adopt her as a sibling on the spot.
      • Plus, how Alice Springs and Short Stuff become best friends with Sweetie Bottle almost instantly, knowing full well that's she's a Golem and not caring in the slightest.
      • And when Sweetie pulls off her own Big Damn Heroes moment, Claddie couldn't be more proud of her.
    • Charity's ghost giving Sweetie Bottle one last ethereal hug before fading back into the afterlife, and giving Claddie and the Marksmare her blessing to raise Sweetie Bottle.
      • Applesack's ghost following Charity out of the afterlife through sheer force of will. She had no idea where she was going, all she knew was that her best bud was being dragged somewhere, and didn't want Charity to do it alone.
      • Charity reassuring Applesack that by helping to stop the Colt Leader's mad designs, she earned some measure of redemption.
  • In Fires of Family, after the ordeal with the Fire bringing to light their troubles and bitterness toward each other, they manage to power through it, allowing themselves to remember all the good times and how happy they all are to be together once again, which powers the Fire's prophetic abilities and allows them a vision on how to find Daria. The scene is reminiscent of Trials Of Unity.
  • From the Daring Do Adventures short Herpy in the Dark. Herpy is being tortured by the Dream Sprite until he summons the embodiment of his courage: Daring Do.
    Daring Do: Stick with me, Herpy.
    Dream Sprite: Nooo!
    Herpy: I'll never leave you. I'll never leave you!
  • In Mirror Pond, Ruby's ghost offering to try to free Greyhoof and help him get to the afterlife.
  • At the end of Mystery of Flutter Valley, the Flutter Ponies show their gratitude by building a golden statue of Daring Do in the center of Flutter Valley.
  • Masra's final words to Daring: A thank you for making her last years so interesting.
    • All of the eulogies at Masra's funeral, from Tabula, Ghoul, Ed, Rayback, Herpy, Daring and especially Storm.
  • While also a Tearjerker, Daring putting Taube out of her misery the end of Breathing Weapons can be seen as this, especially when she says, "When I get to Heaven, we'll make up for lost time..."
    • Despite Eule using failed experiments as raw material for his surgeries, the fact that he mercy kills one that's still alive to end it's suffering has to prove he's not all bad.
    • It's explicitly said near the beginning of Gunpowder Groove that Eule and Henne are in a mental health facility and receiving care to undo Krahe's brainwashing. Considering what happened to every other member of the Greifvogel, it was nice at least those two got a happy ending.
  • The way Daring and Shudder's friendship evolves in Iron Grinder. At first, Daring sees her as little more than a nuisance whom she's only willing to help to find the mine's treasures. By the end of the story, they've become Fire-Forged Friends, almost to the point of being downright sisterly towards each other.
    • This scene
    Shudder: Why shouldn't I be jealous of you? I mean, you're, like, the most awesome-ist adventurer ever! You go around the world, steal treasures, and kick butt! And I'm—
    Daring Do: (rubs her head)—a little girl with a lot of growing up to do.
    Shudder:...I was gonna say small and stupid and weak, but I guess that works too.
    Daring Do: (chuckles) Trust me, with your bravery, you're well on your way to being a great adventurer yourself.
    Shudder: (gasp) I am?!
    Daring Do: (nods)
    Shudder:...do you ever think I'll be as cool as you?
    Daring Do: In time, child. In time.
    • Made even better when Shudder flat-out admits that she sees Daring as a sort of big-sister figure, and is glad to have met her.
    • Daring saying her goodbyes to the group as Clear, Rail, and Shudder all leave together to start a new life, saying she hopes they cross paths again one day.
    • In later books, it's learned that Gristle in fact didn't hold a grudge against Jackhammer for disfiguring him, and helped him out of the caves. The fact that he was willing to help someone he absolutely hated when he could have easily left him to die, simply because he knew it would be wrong to do so, was rather heartwarming.
      • It's also implied that he went to join Clear, Rail, and Shudder, so he could teach her the ropes like he'd attempted to do all those years ago.
  • At the beginning of Gunpowder Groove, one of the first treasures Daring had collected ends up shattered, and is discarded before she's told because it would be "too difficult to repair". Before Daring leaves the next day, Arzt gives her a bracelet made with what few pieces of the treasure he could find.
  • In Crimson, Black, and Blue, seeing Daring acting so motherly to Scarlecache, Inke, and Glacial qualifies.
  • In Silver Menace, after the Cyberpony affair, the book ends with Herpy visiting Dell in jail to comfort her over Swinn's death; he knows what it is to lose somepony near and dear.
  • After the events of Breathing Weapons, Arzt swore off danger and adventure forever, preferring a safe, quiet life at the university. Come Chemical Sister, what does he do upon hearing that the Greifvogel are alive and Daring has gone to confront them? He immediately drops everything and boards the next plane to Germaneigh. For a guy who has little involvement in her adventures, Arzt's is pretty dedicated to making sure she stays out of danger.
    • Any scene where Daring and Arzt help Eichelhaher regain her intelligence.
    • At the end of Chemical Sister, Daring is confronted by the benefactors behind Fischadler's little "project", telling her that nothing Fischadler did was authorized and that she will be put on trial for her actions. As for the resurrected members of the Greifvogel; they plan to have them disposed of. Daring pleads to them to let them live, knowing that their mental-states can be fixed, using Eichelhäher as proof. After a bit of deliberation, they grant the Greifvogel their lives, provided Daring can fix them. They aren't out of the woods yet, but it's nice to know they have a chance.
  • The ending to Oathkeepers. Daring agrees to let Eichelhaher stay at the university, where Arzt can take care of her. The griffon tearfully thanks the pair for rescuing her from Krahe, and vows to spend every day of her now-eternal life repaying their kindness.
    • The Benefactors' unanimous agreement to let the rest of the Greifvogel live and be rehabilitated. Things are left pretty open ended as to what will happen to them after this, aside from Papagei facing life in prison for starting everything. A notable line has Daring saying that should Arzt ever decide to work alongside Eule, she'll vouch for him.
  • Surgeon of Marabia has Bravado and Mareton meeting the Ghost(?) of their father, Rodolphus Mareton, during one of their brief deaths.
  • Storm Bravers. The fact that Tremor learned wing language, despite weak and stunted wings, so he could communicate with his sister, Lucky Eyes.
    • Their relationship in general is one big CMOH. Where as most siblings are somewhat opposite and always bickering, the pair are as close as can be and basically taught each other growing up. For example; Lucky Eyes taught Tremor how to make lightning, while he taught her how to weight-train. The result? The most heartwarming pair of earthshaking lightning-crafters in the world!
    • Punk Cloud taking in Thor and making sure he lives in complete comfort to make up for scarring him when she accidentally blasted his face with lightning.
  • In The Puffing Dragon, seeing Fuménoir actually be sweet to her customers after Daring brings her one of her favorite flowers.
    Fuménoir: Back again?
    Daring Do: I want that crown.
    Fuménoir: (takes a drag on her pipe and blows smoke in Daring's face) And what have you brought me as payment?
    Daring Do: Just so you know, I had to scale a mountain for this. (pulls a Moonjade from her bag)
    Fuménoir: (gasps) My favorite! (slices the flower to bits, stuffs it into her pipe, ignites it, and takes a few puffs) Ohhhhhh...so good...(her mane goes from black to white). Mmm! Please, please come in! What would you like?
  • In The Secrets of Hydia
  • In the Unknown Country the 3 races coming together at the end and forming the beginnings of a unified community. Especially with the author drawing comparisons drawing comparisons to the 3 tribes, with even Daring admitting it feels nice to know that she was part of the beginning of something that could resonate for centuries to come.
  • The end of Eternal Insomnia , when The Wired Mare is freed from her curse and cast into deep sleep. Judging from her expression while she's asleep, Luna remarks, "She must be having the most wonderful dream."
    Daring Do: Wait! I never got to learn your name!
    The Wired Mare: (smiles) It's Dodger...
  • In Griffonland Grumblings, the moment where Daring comes to pick up her mandated accompaniment from the Griffon Embassy. With Platinus too busy keeping it running; Hawkwings, in a usual show of his competence, leaves it to anyone who volunteers, leaving everyone flabbergasted when Silvia does so. Her reasons? That she needs to see the state of the country she loves and that some Griffon has to show the citizenry that there is still a slice of the old kingdom out there fighting for them.

    Short Stories 
  • In From the Pages of a Mockingbird, the reveal that not all of the Greifvogel were abusive to Eichelhaher. Spottdrossel and Falke were, in reality, very kind to her, seeing her as a fellow soldier. She practically considered them her parents.
    • One of the early entries in the diary has Eichelhaher reminiscing about the head caregiver at the orphanage she lived in as a child before pondering what to get for their birthday.

  • The entire ending to King of Hearts as cheesy as it is. Eichelhaher stumbles upon the hidden shrine said to be his home, yet when she meekly asks him to appear, nothing happens. She falls to her knees, thinking herself selfish and a fool. She recalls their adventures, greatful that Arzt saved her from her life under Krahe's control, yet ashamed she was too shy to tell him so, "You saved my life, but nothing changed. I'm just as weak as I always was..." Wanting to show strength at least once in her life, she outright screams her love for Arzt to the world around her, not realizing until the end that Arzt had followed her up the mountain, and heard everything. She tearfully confesses her feelings for him, almost expecting him to reject her, yet, much to her surprise, the feelings are mutual.
    Eichelhaher: (putting Arzt's hand to her cheek) I just...wish I could feel you...
    • Suddenly, in a flash of bright, pinkish light, a gargantuan suit of armor adorned with hearts appears above the water, The King of Hearts is so moved by the display of affection, he appears to bless their love.
    • The King is gone as soon as he appears, yet his light is left behind...on Eichelhaher. Both are shocked at the sensation of his paw to her chest.
    Arzt: Your heart! I-It's beating! You-you're alive!
    Eichelhaher:...(silently but tearfully embraces him)
  • The ending to The Future Is Mine. While upset that Arzt does not want to follow in their footsteps, Arzt's parents ultimately decide that their son's happiness is important to them, and that he should be free to choose his future.
    • And even then, Arzt throws them a bone by saying that there's a chance he might go on to be a military doctor.
  • Time Is The Healer. Eichelhaher fights through Aeterna's assault of bad memories by thinking of how wonderful her life became once Daring and Arzt rescued her.
    Aeterna No! Stop! Everything must go back to the way it was! You're supposed to be unhappy!
    Eichelhaher: I was. I suffered under Krahe and his goons for years, but you know what, it was all worth it in the end! Because of Daring and Arzt, I am happy! I may be dead, but thanks to them, I feel more alive than I ever have! AND I WON'T LET YOU TAKE THAT FROM ME!
  • Lunar Ferver. Nightmare Moon may be an eldritch abomination bent on destroying the world, but make no mistake, Endymion's affection did not go unrequited.
    Endymion: (burying himself in her neck) You've returned...after a thousand years you've returned! I love you, my Queen...
    Nightmare Moon: (smiles and embraces him with her wings)
    • In the end, Luna takes pity on him, and casts him into an eternal slumber, where he will dream peacefully of being with Nightmare Moon forever.

    End to Order 
  • Eichelhaher still loves Arzt as much as the day they met, even now that he's a sickly, wheelchair-bound, mess.
    Eichelhaher: Hey, you loved me even though I'm a walking corpse. I kind of owe it to you.
    • Not only that, but she's since become a sort of mascot for the University, having made friends with all the colts and fillies attending. It's a far-cry from her life under Krahe, and it's glaringly obvious that she couldn't be happier.
    • In their day in the limelight episode, they share the theme, Blue Impulse, the translated lyrics of which describe his feelings for her perfectly.

    Hey, why is your heart in pain?
    Let the neverending rain reflect your heart
    Even if it's the saddest in the world

    Look at that faraway sky beyond the clouds!
    Here, soon, you'll find
    A bright light will shine

    You should be able to fly high, to the sky
    Leap over the rainbow!
    The tears shown that day will shine someday and are valuable

    "Time" is created, something you create and set into motion
    It is in your hands alone—the key to the door

    Where is your bright dream?
    Yes, always believe in yourself
    When you fell discouraged, remember...
    That I am here...

  • Any of the little, romantic, moments between Coco and Sien-Ja.

    Birds of Prey 
  • Despite Krahe's brainwashing having turned her into a bloodthirsty savage, the scene where Daring tears one of Celestia's soldiers apart after he attacks Arzt shows she still cares for him.
  • In a weird, twisted way, the implication that Eichelhaher is completely, legitimately dead after being eaten by the vultures. Given that she had been trying to kill herself after Krahe made her immortal, it's nice to think she's finally able to rest and be at peace.

  • Ember Roundup admitted she used a caricatured depiction of Gusty Lulamoon's cousin Beatrix without permission as inspiration for Princess Sparkler (though the depictions were sufficiently different that Ember Roundup wouldn't be obligated to pay any royalties). After learning that Beatrix had gone missing and broken off contact with her family after falling on hard times (albeit not as a result of the book), Ember took it upon herself to track her down, eventually succeeding, though only after she had reached her lowest point. Ember then agreed to give her royalties to help her get back on her hooves, and offered her a job as creative consultant on the upcoming Alicorn Amulet, which will feature Princess Sparkler heavily. Notably, the book's entire existence is due to an agreement that Ember secured from Polo House that they wouldn't publish anything involving Princess Sparkler or the aforementioned Amulet without Beatrix's consent.
  • The In Memoriam for Gusty Lulamoon in Tinker's Seal, which consisted of a short biography written by her longtime friends J. Thunderlane Hurricane Jr. and Ember Roundup. Doubles as a Tearjerker, as it's clear the two hadn't been holding up well.
  • After reading a series of popular Zapapple Tock Alternate Universe Fics, Steeplechase Moffat tracked down the author, Muffin Parcels and offered her the chance to collaborate with him on a book - also an Alternate Universe story - as he loved what she'd done with the character. The result: Daring Do and the Universal Cracks. In addition, Moffat arranged for her to rewrite and publish the original fics as a spin-off series, with the option of further books in Zapapple's universe if these were successful.
  • Following the death of Haystack Leaves, Hairerion Trot has donated her salary from Alicorn's Shadow to his daughter.
  • Verzer Vermillion is unanimously agreed to be one of the worst characters to appear in the Daring Do universe. Even her creator, Orange Jo, agrees to the point of apologizing for making her. However, Jo later admitted in an interview that her young daughter is a huge fan of the Daring Do comics, and wanted some part in it. Ergo, Jo let her design Verzer. After this, the internet had a small-but-noticable explosion of art and fanfiction of her, a lot of which Jo has admitted to being far better than original interpretation!.
  • The reason why L. Heartstrings asked A.K. Yearling to let her help with Daring Do and the Unwound Timestream. The pony who was collaborating with Yearling, the late Dr. Endless Dream, was a friend of Heartstrings', and she wanted to honor his memory by helping Yearling finish the book. Recent rumors speculate a leak saying that Heartstrings intends to write an In Memoriam for Dr. Dream in addition to her own input for the book itself.
    • Also, Heartstrings' decision to stay on the project even after what happened with Heart-Turn-Gate.