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Heartwarming: Danger Verse
  • Harry's reaction to Sirius bring acquitted is the same thing he said when Sirius escaped
    Harry: "'Pa-foot, no c'y.'"
  • Hagrid's reunion with Norbert.
  • Harry and Ginny sculpting with different coloured fire.
  • Hermione and Moony's reunion.
    Moony: My Kitten. My own little Kitten, for all the world to see...
    Hermione: Daddy - [cue sobbing]
  • Many, in general, from finding out that Draco wasn't actually dead, to Neville's true reunion with his parents.
  • The way Harry confesses his feelings for Ginny in book five is really heartwarming. Also funny.
  • The entirety of Blaise and Colleen's romance. It's just adorable.
  • Colleen and the Pride sticking up for the Slytherins, because they hardly ever get that kind of love in canon.
  • Harry and Ginny's wedding night. Complete with visit from three ghosts: George, James and Lily, all of whom wish them to be happy.
  • Draco and Luna returning to the Pack, five months after Draco faked his death.
  • Remus and Danger are alive!
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