Heartwarming / Danball Senki

  • Despite the damage done, in episode 2/ the morning after Van’s battle with the Moes, Ms. Yamano tells Van he’s allowed to keep his LBX, provided “that he doesn't lose to anyone” with her smile. Considering what happened before, its good to see the pain has mended.
  • Despite the danger, Amy still chooses to help Van get the exo-armor back and help figure out why Van’s dad entrusted AX-00 to him.
    • Later on in the battle with Hanz’s lackies, Kazu shows up to help Van and Amy win the battle. Also a moment from Gabe, instead of running way, went to Kazu to help his friends.
  • After Kazu’s LBX gets destroyed, rather than sulk, he instantly comes up with a plan to help Van and Amy.
    • Even better, the Five-Man Band try to help Kazu pick a new model for him to enjoy.
  • Ken giving Kazu a brand new Gladiator LBX for him to use for a while. At the end of the episode, Kazu is gladly smiling while having a more friendly battle with Amy.
  • Episode 30 shows that Professor Yamano has so much faith in Kazu as Van’s best friend that he knew Van would pick Kazu to join him in the cyberworld to reclaim the Infinity Engine’s pieces so he made Fenrir as Hunter’s evolution. Its even better in the anime because in the games, Master Otaku just picked Kazu to go with Van, but in the anime Van made that choice over Dak and Hanz
  • Van’s mother encouraging her son to be the best LBX player, win Artemis, and bring their family back. Kudos for Van’s mother for still having faith that her husband was still alive after he went missing…and she was correct.
  • The fact that Kazu still had the strength to help Van and Amy win against Hanz despite his LBX being destroyed.
  • Ken making a Gladiator frame for Kazu to borrow for a while after losing his LBX.
  • During the Catacombs Contest, Hanz gives Van his Destroyer’s arm in place of Achilles’ damaged arm, which he uses against Dak in the semi-finals. Even though the weight distribution was an issue and Dak kept insulting the two, it helped Van win against Dak. The Power of Friendship isn’t just in the sister series.
  • Despite the circumstances, Ban and Jon, father and son are finally reunited. And when Jon's escape plan saves everyone, Jon entrusts his son to win Artemis.
  • Team Ban and the Asian Regional Champions, Team Morigani have a surprising friendship. While the latter is occupied with having to save the world, they form a good Friendly Rivalry and their relationship is much better than the American Duo Champions.
  • Justin being appalled about what his grandfather and the Innovators did to Yuuya at such a young age. Even he sides with Van to end Yuya’s suffering and mental breakdown throughout episode 24 and the finals of the Artemis Tournament. It is one of the early signs we see that Justin is a good person deep down and his Enemy Mine turns out to be genuine when he warns Team Van about the bomb the Innovators placed in Emperor.
  • Kazu giving Ban a hug when he wins Artemis in episode 24. The Power Trio had the dream to win, and they accomplished that.
  • Alice helping out Yuuya with his cosplay in episode 26 of W, especially after both their partners ditched them.
  • Despite technically ditching Alice, Shirley tells her as Cosmic Pretty Reina, she (Alice) should stop being so shy and help out her partner who desperately needs someone to save him in episode 27 of W.