Heartwarming / Damien Sandow

  • The explanation under his Mean Character, Nice Actor entry is a meta example. Also a crowning moment of awesome considering his awareness of Cody's condition. Cody Rhodes had taken a bad fall during a match, suffering legit injuries. Damien refused to tag him in the rest of the match so Cody wouldn't risk worsening his condition.
  • The fact that, as The Miz's stunt double, he's actually receiving much more praise (almost universally more) than the Miz himself. Not only does it extend to the audience, it extends to his fellow wrestlers. Examples include joining in on a dance battle with The Usos at one point, and Ryback (who was in a match with The Miz at the time) actually encouraging Mizdow to hit Miz as he held him in a headlock.
  • Sandow Appreciation Day on a WHOLE. You know your well beloved by the IWC community when you get your very own holiday after you. The one credited for this idea was a Tumblr user by the name Six Degrees of Sandow, and the idea quickly took off, especially on Twitter, it also helped the movement got BIG support, from WWE Legend, Mick Foley.
    • Goes for a double moment of heartwarming, when the idea of Sandow Appreciation Day is to just give your appreciation to pretty much one of the most underrated and underutilized guys on the roster, and who willing to work with pretty much ANY gimmick no matter how bad, only for the SOLE reason to entertain the crowd.
    • For another level of heartwarming, it was scheduled for 8/03/15 but Roddy Piper died on 7/31/15. So, Sandow insists that the Sandow Appreciation Day be delayed so that fans could focus on mourning Piper's death.
  • The general reaction for his surprise appearance at the 2016 Royal Rumble pre-show. Now officially returned to his "Intellectual Savior" gimmick, he was met to a loud ovation and his name was constantly chanted throughout the match. At one point, the chants for his name were so loud they bled through the commercials.