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Heartwarming: Daily Life with Monster Girl

  • Miia leaving herself completely vulnerable to Kimihito in chapter 2. Up until that point, her stripping down and acting like The Tease was played for laughs or fanservice, but this? This really hammered home that her feelings for him are genuine: she loves and trusts him with her very life. Kimihito is so amazed by this he has no idea how to react.
  • The bonus chapter in chapter 8 depicts the first signing event the author has ever done. Highlights include a huge line of fans waiting outside despite the cold, intense rain and fans coming all the way from Taiwan and Canada.
  • The first time Kimihito and Centorea hold hands. Her expression is combination of this and Crowning Moment of Funny, simply because of how happy she looks.
  • When Kimihito decides to keep the slime girl (Suu) and Miia and Centorea have a freakout, he tells them to think of her as a kid. Cue two sweet fantasy thought bubbles about them each having a family with Kimihito.
    • Which quickly segues into a Crowning Moment of Funny when Centorea once again finds herself conflicted over her emotions for her "master."
  • Papi is normally childlike and irresponsible, but surprisingly she shows herself to have a strong motherly streak and being very good with children. This leads to Papi being the one who more or less "adopts" the even more childlike Suu — giving her a name, playing with her and protecting her — even when the other members of the household are still reluctant, angry or skeptical.
  • The reveal of how Kimihito caught his chapter 13 cold: running out in the rain to escort a trapped Suu home.
  • Suu nursing Kimihito in Chapter 13.
  • Also from chapter Thirteen: Suu speaks for the first time:
    Suu: Well, it was Suu's fault that you caught a cold...I should apologize as well. {Beat.} But Suu doesn't mind! Because she loves her master!
  • Chapter 15: The softening of Rachnera Arachnera.
  • Kimihito and Miia almost...almost kiss for the first time in Chapter 19. Mero kills the moment, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Kimihito's heart pendant gift for Miia at the end of Chapter 19.
  • Chapter 20 has a flashback where Ms. Smith is bending down to comfort young monster girls after rescuing them from traffickers. For someone who usually acts lazy and irresponsible, it's really touching.
  • Chapter 21. Kimihito assures Centorea she is most definitely not worthless.
  • Chapter 22: Other than Zombina's (which was CMOF), Kimihito's dates with MON are filled with this when they realize he's as nice and nonjudgmental as he appears. Monako's is particularly WAFF-y.
    • Even Zombina's was very heartwarming, when she wasn't teasing him that is. One moment in particular was when he was sewing her hand back on after the stitching came lose and she compliments him on how he's so unfazed by her weirdness, saying that guys nowadays can't really handle gore all that well. Kimihito replies with:
    Kimihito: If I saw a real dead body, I'd probably be grossed out, but... You're you, so... You're not a dead body, Zombina. So, it's okay.

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