Heartwarming / Cyclops

  • In X-Men #129, Scott and Jean have their first serious, heart-to-heart talk after meeting again. Scott reveals the reason that he didn't grieve Jean was because he never believed she was dead.
    Scott: All my life, it seemed that— every time I turned around— I was losing people I loved: my folks, my brother Alex, the few friends I made at the orphanage. Each time, the loss hurt. Losing you was the loss I couldn't take. If I'd allowed myself to feel... anything, the grief would have broken me, maybe killed me. When I thought you'd died... I... it was like my mind shut part of itself off. I felt... nothing. Jean, you're everything to me— as necessary as the air I breathe. I used to say "I love you" without truly knowing what I was talking about. I know now— a little, anyway. Jean— I love you.
  • Cyclops' speech to Dark Phoenix in X-Men #137:
    Cyclops: I came to talk.
    Dark Phoenix: I won't listen!
    Cyclops: Then, kill me. I can't stop you. I won't even try. Be true to your malefic destiny, Phoenix— Kill me... if you can. But if you can't, then ask yourself why. You're Dark Phoenix— Power incarnate. No force in existence can stand against you. The X-Men have defied you, fought you— Yet we live. Why?!
    Dark Phoenix: You're... Not worth killing.
    Cyclops: That's one answer. But there's another. True, you're Dark Phoenix, but you're also still Jean Grey. No matter how hard you try, you can't exorcise that part of yourself. It's too fundamental. You can't kill us because you love us. And we love you.
    Dark Phoenix: Dark Phoenix knows nothing of love!
    Cyclops: Oh? For love of the X-Men, you sacrificed your life. For love of me, you resurrected yourself. For love of the whole universe, you almost died a second time to save it. Knowing nothing of love?! Jean, you are love!
  • No matter how close Rachel Summers feels she is to her mother, it was Scott who accepted her right away when she revealed her parenthood (unlike Jean who took several years until she was ready to deal with it).
  • After thirty years of Will They or Won't They?, arguments, fights and reconciliations, Scott Summers and Jean Grey get married in X-Men #30.
  • And then they spend twelve years in the future raising Cable.
  • When the future X-Men show up in Battle of the Atom, Teen Jean freaks out and decides to run away. She tries to talk Teen Hank into going with her, but he's more interested in observing the future X-Men. Jean asks Scott... and he agrees. No questions, no hesitation. Later she points out he's the only one who trusts her.
  • In All-New X-Men, Scott welcomes the original X-Men into his new school. Shadowcat and him have a bit of friendly bantering, a refreshing change after she treated him as evil incarnate as she sided with Wolverine.
  • In Phoenix Resurrection, the Phoenix tries to talk Jean into bonding with it again by bringing Cyclops back from the dead. For first time since The Search Of Cyclops, written sixteen years before, both spouses open up to each other. Scott apologizes for everything happened to her and their relationship, and Jean blames herself for not being around to help him out. Scott reveal he missed her everyday, and they kiss before he dies again.