Heartwarming / Cyberchase

  • In the episode featuring Ada Lovelace, Matt cops out of helping with Motherboard's Valentine card, claiming that "I'm not big on Valentine's Day. It's a girl thing.", to the girls' obvious irritation. However at the end of the episode, it turns out he's made a card with an actually quite sweet poem ("Roses are red, violets are blue. A guy couldn't have better friends than you.") for the girls.
  • In the Halloween episode where Inez and Jackie are fighting because Inez seems to have called Jackie "mean" in her diary, Matt tries extremely hard to reconcile them and is extremely upset when it doesn't work.
    • And that diary entry? Jackie just didn't read far enough as the actual word was "meaningful"; Inez just ran out of room.
  • In the newest season's "For Real", Harry and Bianca reuniting note  while working at a farm is pretty sweet. It certainly helps that they look the same after all these years.