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Heartwarming: Crest of the Stars
  • Lots. Mostly between Jinto and Lafiel.
    • The pride in Lafiel's voice when she confides in him who her mother is.
    • The rescue in Fabdash.
    • The adolescent bonding and bickering on.
    • According to Samson, they give her each little presents on holidays. Lafiel doesn't do this with anyone on the crew.
    • The look on Jinto's face when Lafiel walks out of her quarters in an evening dress and her response.
    • Lafiel saying she would remember him after he dies of old age.
    • When Lafiel says "I will become his world and will make him my world" to Jinto's adoptive parents.
  • Lafiel has one with her father at the end of Crest of Stars. She cries on his chest because of her mother and his lover's death while blaming him for not teaching her to how to be sad without crying. The implication is that he is crying on the inside.
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