Heartwarming / Crescendo ~Eien Dato Omotte Ita Ano Koro~

  • The good endings of pretty much every single character are loaded with this.
    • Kaho's good ending has her get back together with the guy she's always loved all along but could never muster up the courage to get back together with him because she kept trying to invoke I Want My Beloved to Be Happy for everyone else who wanted a shot at Ryo. Ironically, while her intentions were noble, those very same people repay her goodwill by willing stepping aside for her and letting her know her self sacrifice meant a lot, and they want to do the same for her.
    • Kaori's good ending is a shared version. The other girls throw their own feelings under a bus to make sure Ryo and Kaori hook up, and Kaori herself is finally able to move past her past and be with a guy who makes her happy sans her past guilt.
    • Yuka was a totally Broken Bird who comes totally apart and goes through the most trauma of any character save Ayame. In the end, not only is she redeemed and forgiven, she herself tells Ryo he makes her feel like an angel as opposed to the sinner she and the rest of the world saw her as, and the very last scene shows her as genuinely happy.