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Heartwarming / Creepypasta

This is for Creepypastas that are heartwarming in nature.

  • Doors [1] Link here!
  • "Jessica" (which is about Pokemon Yellow) has a sweet ending. Like the above entry, it's quite the Tear Jerker, especially if you like Pokemon. It makes it more depressing however when you learn the creator of the story tragically passed away from pneumonia.
  • Love. You'll cry Tender Tears when you read this story of a girl who finds a message addressed to her on her computer one day. It's from the ghost of a war buddy of her fathers' who has been watching over her and protecting her all her life, but now that she's 18, But Now I Must Go. It's really sweet.
  • The Railroad also has a very sweet ending, and I was hard-pressed to find it the slightest bit creepy to boot.
  • The ending of 1dollar.wav has implications of this where the poster, his friend, and dog break the curse on a woman who had apparently been cursed by greed to constantly terrorize people.
  • Sim Albert, a game about an implied haunting of a Sims game, where instead of haunting the game maliciously, the ghost appears to use the game as a second chance at life, which the player unknowingly grants, and is surprised when a message thanks them for doing it as the ghost says But Now I Must Go.
  • At one moment in Jeff vs Jane, Jeff breaks into a potential victims house. While preparing waiting for the right moment to kill the babysitter, he realizes he woke up a four month old baby, instead of killing it, Jeff pacifies it with a teddy bear.
    Jeff: Go to sleep for now kid. When you see more of the world, I'll be back to save you from it.
    • It goes veer into Mood Whiplash halfway in that part of the story when Jeff threatens the baby to "make him quiet" after he kills his babysitter, though.
  • There's something weirdly comforting about "An Egg" once you get past the initial existential crisis. The musings on the beauty of the human soul are especially touching.
    "Your soul is more magnificent, beautiful, and gigantic than you can possibly imagine..."
  • In the Land of Black and White is an oddly sweet story, since the spirit doesn't want to hurt the little girl at all and is just there to ease her passage into the next life..
  • After two twelve-year-old girls stabbed a classmate nearly to death in order to apparently summon Slenderman, the Creepypasta Wiki responded by setting up a fundraiser to help pay for the victim's hospital bills.
  • Goodbye Penny is a surprisingly heartwarming story that deals with coping with the fears of losing a loved one, even if it happens to be a pet fish.
  • Pretend has a very weirdly heartwarming moment at the end when it's revealed that the monster was Good All Along.
  • Always With You can be oddly heartwarming or comforting, despite the creepy descriptions of the guardian angel.
    "Iíll lean down, past the doctors and the ogling people and pick you up in my crooked arms. Our faces will touch. My wings will unfurl. And then youíll have to follow me.

    And I am always with you, for I am your guardian angel."

  • The Hallows is a story that seems scary at first. A boy sees terrifying humanoid creatures in the woods on a path that he walks on to school. He becomes terrified and sick when he gets a better look at them. The story takes a surprising heartwarming turn when a pedophile attempts to rape the boy and the creatures protect and kill the man to save him.