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Heartwarming: Cracked (Series)
  • Mandar Kush not only being reuinted with his family, but jumping in front of a car in an effort to save Daniella Ridley, the psychiatrist who got him out of the mental institution, from being run over. It shows just how far Kush has come, and just how grateful he is to have been given a second chance.
  • Aiden's admission to his psychiatrist that, despite the fact that Daniella is not a cop, and does not carry a gun, he trusts her to have his back anyway.
  • "Faces" has Benjamin Omari, former child soldier, trying to comfort Julia Grieveson, who was a victim of the same man who made Ben what he is today, and promising to visit her in prison. Aiden subsequently brings Ben along to his support group for veterans, in an effort to help Ben get over his own trauma.
  • "Voices" has quite a few moments between Aiden and Clara as they try to escape the tenement building. There's also Aiden's girlfriend, Fenton, hugging him afterwards, and revealing that she gave up the chance to work on a federal drug task force in Ottawa to stay with him.
    • The episode also features Leo helping lifelong criminal Mongo Golding find a new place to live after he gets evicted, and a job working in a warehouse.
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